We Need YOUR Help…Vote For Share It Fitness!


How’s it going all of our faithful blog readers?  Hope things are great in your world – things are doing just fine and dandy in ours.  Our launch is well under way and things are looking great on the full Share It Fitness website.  If you haven’t made it over there, I’d suggest you do so!

Today, instead of supplying the help and support, we’re the ones who need it!  We’re in the running for a small business grant and need the support (and votes) of our faithful fans.  We need 250 votes to have our grant application judged by a the contest panel.  Voting only takes 10 seconds and would mean a LOT to us!

To cast your support for Share It Fitness, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to http://www.missionsmallbusiness.com or just click here
  2. Click the “Login and Support” button on the homepage
  3. Type “Share It Fitness” under the business name field and press Enter
  4. VOTE!
  5. Collect good karma points

That’s it.  Nice and easy. If you’d be so inclined, we’d be extra grateful if you passed this on to a friend as well!

We really appreciate your support and votes and look forward to continue supplying you with more great content, workouts, fitness videos, and health and fitness advice!



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