EVOLVE: The Word of the Day


Evolve.  What does that mean?

I talk a lot about changing your fitness lifestyle; finding time to exercise, doing HIIT over static-state cardio, incorporating new exercises that push you outside your comfort zone.

From time to time, we’ll even harp on your diet, and suggest you “eat this, not that”, or include this super food into your diet.  I’m sure for some of you, I’m reminiscent of your mother, harping on you to clear your plate. I’m surely not the only one out there telling you to improve yourself.  It can certainly get overwhelming hearing all of this on fitness blogs, TV shows, magazines..over, and over, and over again.

When taken at face value, all this advice gets a little superficial.  Eat right, workout, be fit.  In theory, that’s how it works.  In reality, it takes a deeper understanding and motivation to change one’s life.

As you should know by now, Share It Fitness is all about change.  Our company slogan, “Fitness is Evolving, Now It’s Your Turn” is more than just a catchy phrase.  Think about that one for a minute.  Fitness (and everything around us) is constantly evolving.  We’ve come such a long way from the early days of fitness (see left).  And who can forget the 80’s, when it was required by law to look as ridiculous as possible if engaging in any form of exercise.   Suspenders…really?

With this perpetual evolution going on around us, its become our mission to evoke change, and evolution, in all of you.

Like the slogan says, Fitness has Evolved, Now It’s YOUR Turn.  What exactly does that mean?  If you think that means, eat right, exercise, get fit…you couldn’t be more wrong.


You see, we want all of our SIFer’s to take a long hard look at themselves.  Your life is more than just eating right and exercising.  Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are just one small part of who you are.  When we say evolve, we truly mean, as an individual, we encourage you to improve upon yourself and be better than you were the day before.

Think big picture.  Evolve.  Run a triathlon.  Take a leave of absence from your job and travel the world for 6 months.  Volunteer at your church helping feed the homeless.  Set a better example for your kids.  Learn how to play the guitar.

Whether it takes you 9 hours to complete the triathlon or you only ever learn how to play 2 chords, that’s not the point.  Take the plunge.  Do something different.  Become a minimalist. Trying sitting still and meditating for 1 full hour.  Push yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Make your life a story worth telling.  Evolve.

There are SO many different things to do in this world, and as we often realize when it is far too late, life is painfully short.  I promise you, when you’re old and gray, laying in bed late at night, you’re going to regret the things you DIDN’T do, not the things you did.

“Evolve” is the mantra of Share It Fitness that we want you to live by.  Improve yourself a little bit everyday.  It doesn’t matter how.  Just continually push yourself outside of your comfort zone and become a better, more interesting, and ultimately, happier person.  Life is about new experiences.  Get out of the doldrums and start living.  Break your routine, take the long way home from work.  End the predictability of a boring life.  Your life doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive.  It’s solely up to you to change it.

Don’t let others tell you things are impossible, or “unrealistic”.  Check out this family of 8 living the dream.  Or take a look at my buddy Neil, who left a great paying, but unfulfilling job, to go start a non-profit in the beachy jungle of Panama.  How about Claire Lomas, the paralyzed woman who just ran a marathon….in 16 days.  There are people all around you doing the impossible.  Stop living vicariously through them.  Create your own awesome story.

Take pride in yourself and make your life something worth talking about.  “Interesting” lives don’t have to be relegated to Bravo TV every Tuesday at 9/8 central (This is me evolving and coming to terms with my Real Housewives addiction).  The point is, today is a new day, a new chance to break the cycle.  Evolve yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

What are some things on your “bucket list”?  Any long term goals you haven’t gotten around to attempting yet?  Open up, share with our community, and be amazed at the support and encouragement you receive…


2 thoughts on “EVOLVE: The Word of the Day”

  1. i am still unable to get into the new site when i put in user and pass it goes to a blank page says invalit text in top left corner

  2. diana, please email us at support@shareitfitness.com and we will work with you to get your login working as soon as possible!  Let us know what operating system you are using and what browser (and browser version), and if you are viewing on a mobile device or computer.  Thanks!

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