The Bubblicious Butt Workout: Using a Plyo/Weight Combo for Better, Faster Results

The human body is a great and complex thing.  For those of you who train, this is both good and bad.  On the one hand, if every body were the same, there wouldn’t be a need for hundreds of different workout programs, philosophies, etc.  There would be a science to how things are done. There’d be one specific way to build muscle, lose fat, and generally look like a Maxim fitness model.  Life would be pretty easy wouldn’t it?  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Every body has a different physiological response to a given stimulus.  Simply put, what works for some, may not work for others.

That said, there are some relative constants in the fitness world that are generally accepted to be especially beneficial to everyone.  For instance, running sprints in a HIIT fashion will boost your EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oyxgen Consumption) and cause your metabolism to spike.  This is something science has figured out will work for just about every human being.  Another interesting and game-changing tid bit is the fact that lower body plyometric training COMBINED WITH lower body weight training will result in greater gains throughout the lower body.  Greater than what, you may be wondering.  The plyo/weights combo greatly outperformed the results of individuals who trained with ONLY plyo, or ONLY weights.  Participants utilizing the plyo/weight combo realized an increase in strength, definition, vertical jump, and speed.  Simply put, they became (and looked) more athletic.  Countless studies have replicated these results over time, leading us to believe that this is one of those relative constants I mentioned earlier.  One such peer-reviewed study, and what was used as reference for this article, can be found here.

I’ve had this knowledge and have been using plyo/weight combo workouts with clients for years.  The effects this method of training has is absolutely phenomenal.  Whether you’re an athlete training for a sport, or simply someone who wants to have that lean, mean, athletic look (and a great butt and thighs to go along with it) this is THE workout for you.  Expect a rounding and tightening of the backside and firm, lean thighs, hamstrings, and calves.  If you’re already doing another workout plan, don’t worry.  Go ahead and substitute these combo workouts in for lower body days.  Fitness is all about trial and error.  See what works best for you and then stick with it for a little bit, before changing it up to something more challenging.

Generic workout plans are nice, but have you ever wanted a fully customized workout plan that actually changes based on your progress?

Our FitPlan does just that.  Check it here!  You can try it out FREE for 2 weeks!

Perform this workout 3 days a week.  If you are experiencing soreness, push your workout back until you can comfortably perform all exercises without pain.

Day 1 – Keep weights lower during this session.  If you see (4 x 10 exercise a/20 exercise b/rest), you should perform exercise b immediately following exercise a, and only rest at the end of exercise b.  Complete this combo for the total number of sets listed before exercise a.


Day 2 – This session is going to focus on fast explosive movements to really torch your hamstrings and glute muscles, before moving to the weights to finish things off.  Feel free to do the running parts on a treadmill or outside.


Day 3 – We’re going to repeat the session from Day 1 with a few minor modifications to increase intensity. Also, be sure to increase weights as you’ll be performing fewer reps per set.

Give this workout a try.  I will almost guarantee you’re not going to be able to walk straight after your first few times through.  Let the soreness fade, then get right back into it.  Run through this 3-day cycle and once you’re done, give our 5 Week Bubblicious Butt Workout Program a go. You’ll LOVE the results, guranteed!!

Once you’ve finished the 5 Week plan above, complement your new and improved booty with a hardcore ABS/CORE workout!! We 100% suggest supplementing your booty shaping workouts with this 4 week Flattest Stomach Ever workout plan!



133 thoughts on “The Bubblicious Butt Workout: Using a Plyo/Weight Combo for Better, Faster Results”

    I can’t wait to get to this, and darn it, I did legs today, ugh!
    I know this will be what gets me to that next level… I’ve almost gotten there ~ this should do it!!

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  2. hi! I am so happy I found this blog, I love it! I had a quick question, I can’t run anymore because of my knee so I wanted to see if for day 2 I can do sprint on the bike (or maybe jump rope?) and for running in reverse if I can do elliptical or something? I know it is not ideal, but I am loving this workout and I can do pretty much all the activities but running 😦

    Also, just to double check, when you say “20 reverse lunges” for example do you mean 20 total or 20 each leg? Thank you!! Keep up the great work!

    1. So glad you’re liking our blog. If you can’t run, don’t push it. Substituting interval jump roping (with the goal of increasing your speed) or HIIT cycling would be perfectly fine replacements. When you are cycling make sure to press through your heels so you are ensuring that you are really hitting your hamstrings and glutes. For the running in reverse, I would suggest doing some hamstring curls in its place. Use a low weight and go for high reps. Somewhere in the 30-35 reps per set range..Do about 3-4 sets. This will be a great substitute for reverse running.

      20 reverse lunges would be 10 lunges per leg, or 20 total. Thanks again for your support, and be sure to head over to on Monday for our full site launch!


  3. On day two, are there any exercises you could substitute for quad extensions, hamstring curls, leg press machine, and side barbell squats if you dont have a barbell or access to the machines to do them?

    1. I would suggest doing exercise ball quad extensions, hamstring flexers, exercise ball hamstring roll ins, and lateral jumps. These are all great exercises that can easily be subbed in for the machine work. Let me know if you have any further questions…thanks!!!

  4. Do you suggest this workout over your 8-week Bikini Ready Legs and Butt Program. I have been working out for a while and have lost some weight but I noticed my butt (that used to be quite bubbly) has gone away. I want it back! Which one do you suggest?

    1. It really is a toss ensure you don’t hit plateaus and continue making progress, I would suggest starting with one, and then moving to the other..before switching it up and going for something different after that. I think I like the plyo/weight combo just a bit better…so why not start with that, 2-3x a week and go from there? I say 2-3x a week, but be very careful not to overtrain yourself..if you feel 2 is all your body can handle, so be it. On days you aren’t hitting your lower body I would suggest either a little extra cardio or an upper body weight training routine. You should head over to our full site, and sign up. We’re giving away free premium memberships and you’ll get access to tons of video fitness classes OnDemand which have been created for any goal imaginable. Thanks for following the blog and hope to see you around the site!


      PS – To answer your other question, you should be doing 2 sets of 12 on each leg…sorry that was a little confusing..I’ll make an update on the plan.

  5. Oh and 1 more question… For the Bulgarian squats do you do 6 on each leg? or 2 sets of 12 each leg? or 4 sets of 12 on each leg?

    1. This plan is pretty intense, and provides a good bit of cardio due to all the plyometrics, so don’t overdo it with tons of extra running. I would shoot for 1 day of HIIT running (30 second sprint/1:30jog) format to start…and if you feel up to it, and not too sore, perhaps a more relaxed distance run on the weekend.

  6. What’s the benefit of using a smith machine over doing a regular barbell squat?

    Also, I always wonder about how much weight I should be lifting.  Can you make a recommendation?  For reference, I usually squat about 20-25kg on a smith machine at 3 sets of 10-12 reps.  On the seated hamstring and glute machines I do 24-27kg a leg, and I do 5kg hand weight for walking lunges, etc.

    1. Smith machine provides a bit more stability. Since there are people using these plans who are less experienced, I’m a little weary recommending full on barbell squats. If you feel you can handle that though, then by all means, go for it…I actually use and like them better myself.

      I think a good starting weight for you, if using a barbell, would be 30 pounds on each side, so 105 pounds total. I would be mindful to always change up your weights, the manner in which you lift, etc. Don’t get stuck doing the same exercise/weights for more than 6-8 weeks. Go heavier and do less reps, then go lighter and do more reps, then move on to really slow reps…it’s all about mixing it up.

      If you haven’t already, you should check out our full site, which just launched. It’s We’ve got hundreds of workouts like this one, but available OnDemand video, streaming to your phone, tablet, computer, or wifi-enabled TV. It’s like having hundreds of exercise DVDs available anywhere, anytime. In order to keep the variety, this is what we recommend. Best of all, we’re still offering free premium memberships for the time being…

      To best use our full site, just find a different OnDemand workout every now and then to supplement the bubbilicious butt workout..and you’ll be well on your way to a great body.

      Thanks for following our blog and hope to see you around the site!


    1. Getting a slim and tight waist like that is all about the amount of efforts you put into your cardio. Burning midsection fat is accomplished through ample amounts of cardio, primarily HIIT. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training…this type of cardio involves short bursts of max efforts, followed by longer periods of a relaxed pace. For example, 30 seconds all out sprinting, followed by 1:30 of jogging…repeat this 2 minute combo 15-20 times for 30-40 minutes of HIIT running. Keep a clean diet and you’ll be sure to see great results.

      If you haven’t already, you should head over to and sign up. We feature hundreds of OnDemand fitness classes on video that have been targeted to specific goals, i.e. burn fat. I think you’ll find a lot of what you’re looking for and should be off to a good start with your waistline goals 🙂


      1.  Sounds wonderful I can do that for sure..  I just don’t want to end up with a square and boxy waist.. I DO NOT like 6 packs on women and I don’t want one for I am a woman haha! I just want a tiny waist that tapers inward very severely instead of going straight up and down..
        In light of that would you still recommend the same program?

      2.  Another thing is running is hard on my joints so what do you think of hula hooping for my HIIT training? I like weighted hooping and I would totally do it! And can you do HIIT with swimming?

      3. Hooping is a great exercise, even better if it’s something you really enjoy. To save your joints, I would definitely suggest hooping, jump roping, biking, rowing, or swimming. Stay away from the high-impact plyometric HIIT movements, as well as running if it is causing you pain.

        I started HIIT swimming myself about a month ago…I do 1 length all out, then 3 lengths at a relaxed pace. In just four weeks I can tell this type of workout is getting me ripped! Definitely a great way to do your cardio!

      4. Doing HIIT certainly won’t give you a square and boxy waist. Getting a slim waist like you described takes some work, but is totally doable. Focus on lots of different types of intense cardio. You should check out our latest post from Friday, which is a HIIT cardio routine. Might be good to mix and match some workouts from the bubblcious butt workout and the HIIT cardio routine. My recommendation would be to take 2-3 days from the bubble butt workout and 2-3 days from the HIIT routine and blend them. Rotate which 2-3 days you take each week so your workouts stay varied. Do this for 8 weeks or so, then re-evaluate how things are going. Do your best not to miss workouts and to eat clean. You do that, and you’ll be looking great!

        If you haven’t already, you should head over to We recently launched our full site and are still giving away free premium memberships for the time being. We’ve got tons of other content on there, including hundreds of OnDemand fitness classes that you can use to workout with as well. Anyhow, best of luck, and please feel free to send over any more questions.


      1. Thanks for sharing that on Facebook. We really appreciate it! If you have any other questions, feel free to send them over. If you haven’t already, you should head over to We’ve got loads of more fitness content and OnDemand fitness videos to work out with..think you’d really like it! Anyhow, thanks again and hope to see you around the site!


      2. I already did, and I shared your site with a few friends as well. I’ve been in the fitness industry for many years, also competed in bikini. I love your training style, its exactly what I’ve slowly switched over too in the last 2 years. I implement crossfit into my workouts as well since I was all crossfit for about a year but now I like to add it in with my workouts so I can train in a well rounded manner. I will probably get around to doing all these workouts. Many people to come to me for advice so I am very happy to refer your site because you know your stuff!! Just referred someone a few minutes ago actually. I really love your direct link videos demonstrating the exercises. Tomorrow I will be on workout #2 of this series….and by the way, the glutes were sore!! lol..

  7. Looks great….those are full workouts, so on the other 2-3 days, I am assuming is when you would work on upper body and core?

    1. Hey Janey.

      You’ve got it exactly right. On the other 2-3 days a week, you can focus on upper body and core. You should browse around our blog or website ( and find some other plans to combine with. Off the top of my head, The Great Ab Workout In The World might work well with this. Consider adding a day or two of that to the Bubblicious Butt Workout. For the upper body, aim to do compound lifts, i.e. lat pull downs, dips, bent over barbell rows, clean and press, etc. to save time and make the most progress. Forget the little isolation exercises, i.e. tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, etc. You do that, and you’ll be making serious progress in no time. Any other questions, please feel free to ask, we’re happy to help!


  8. This is probably obvious to most, but when you say:

    3 x 20 Long Jumps

    Should we do all 3 sets of Long Jumps before moving onto 4 x 12 Bulgarian Squats and then complete all four of those sets and so on. Or would you recommend going down the line for all exercises and just doing one set and then starting again at the top with another set of each?

    1. You would complete all sets of long jump before moving on to the next exercise. Give yourself about 30-45 seconds rest between each set. Definitely use a watch or keep an eye on the clock as keeping well-defined rest times is important to your overall progress.

      When you see something like this: 4 x 10 long jumps/20 squats/line jumps/1 minute rest, that is the indication to complete the exercises back to back with no rest in between, circuit style.

      Any other questions, feel free to ask..I’m happy to help!


  9. yay!  so happy to find this, on a mission to get a J Lo butt and your plan is awesome!  sharing on FB and i’ll share on my blog as I go…
    p.s.  feeling like a real dork jumping around though but it will be worth it!

    1. Thanks! Appreciate you sharing this with your buddies on facebook and blog. You shouldn’t feel silly, but hey, at least you’ll be the dork with the nice, tight, buns of steel!

      Checked out your blog – good stuff there. If you are ever interested in doing some posts with some of your recipes, we’d be happy to have them. Thanks again and please feel free to send over any questions you may have as you get underway with the plan!


  10. I did the Day #1 workout for the first time yesterday, and I’m definitely feeling it today but not in my butt. I’m feeling it all in my lower quads right above my knee. Is there something obvious I did wrong, or does it just affect different people in different places?

    1. Days 2 (and especially 3) hit the glute muscles much harder than Day 1. That said, make sure you are pressing through your heels on your squats, jumps, etc. If you get too far forward and place more of your weight on the balls of your feet, you’ll recruit less of the hamstring/glute and more of the quad. This may be why you are feeling especially sore in your lower quad. Really place a mental focus on pushing through your heel and I think you’ll notice more soreness in your butt. That said, if you’re too sore to workout in a day or two, take your time at first. You don’t want to work out a very sore muscle. We need to let the muscles repair themselves properly so growth occurs.

      When you’re ready, do Day 2 and 3 workouts, let me know how you’re feeling, and we’ll take it from there.


    1. No problem Sherry, we’ve actually got a great plyometric routine that is done completely at home without equipment. You can find it right here:

      While this workout is great for burning calories (and fat) the explosive nature of these movements are great for your legs and butt. Simply follow along with the exercises and circuits as listed and you’ll be seeing serious progress in no time. If you have any other questions I’d be happy to answer them for you – just ask! 🙂


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  12. Do you just do this workout 3 times a week and rest the other 4 days? Should you change it up each week so your body doesnt get used to it?

    1. I would recommend adding a few other workouts on the other days. Shoot for 5-6 days working out, if that’s possible for you. I never recommend doing the exact same routine more than 6 weeks. After your 6th week is up, you should check out some of our other workouts and/or improvise this current plan to keep making progress. Off the top of my head, our HIIT three part series would be a great follow up to this plan.


  13. So I have been looking at your total body blitz series and also this workout…do you have any recommendations on combining the two workouts? 

    1. First off, take a look at this previous article ( It’s all about how to combine plans effectively.

      Second, a lot of people have been combining these two plans with great success. With a little creativity, it’s easily done. If you want more of a leg and butt focus, consider subbing the bubbilicious butt workouts for lower body heavy weight training days and/or HIIT cardio days.

      Take a look and if you have any additional questions I’d be happy to help.


      1. This is perfect! That is exactly what I was thinking. It appears the link you posted is incorrect…can you please re-post it because I would love to read this article. 
        Thank you so much for your info!!

      2. This is great information. Thanks so much! I think I have the two workouts combined…we will see what happens. Thanks again!

  14. Hi this article is awesome! I have a question, what if I dont work out in a gym, can I still do this routine at home? I have a bar, weights, dumbbells, but as far as the leg curls, leg press, and quad extension on DAY 2 how can I do these exercises at home? Please respond!! I’m dying to start this routine 🙂

    1. Glad you like the workout so much! Doing everything at home is obviously a bit difficult, but don’t worry..there is always a substitute that can be made. Simply do a couple additional sets to the total routine and/or add a few replacement exercises. For the replacement exercises, I would suggest going for something explosive, i.e. plyometrics. Doing a combo routine that includes both types of exercise will be great for you. I would suggest taking a look at this article:

      Something like the cardio explosion circuit from the above routine would fit nicely into the bubbilicious butt workout. Hope that helps. If you have any additional questions, I’d be happy to answer them.


      1. Hey Melanie – definitely be sure to give yourself a full 48 hours rest between workouts. Something like Monday/Wednesday/Friday would work great. If you watn to supplement on some or all of the other 4 days a week (and still maintain a focus on improving your lower body) I would add in some HIIT sprints, biking, and/or complex routines. Any other questions, please let me know!


  15. Day 1 yesterday. It felt so, so good. My legs are already pretty muscular and in decent shape, but today they’re screaming at me. I love this feeling! Thanks again, Matt. You put together rad workouts.

  16. Matt you say I can add the cardio explosion routine with this butt workout, how should I add it? You mentioned before that I can do extra sets of some of the exercises since I workout at home and not in a gym, could you give me an example of how to add the cardio workout with this workout( days to I should do the link you mentioned and days I should do the butt workout thank you

  17. HI Matt, still waiting for your answer about how to add the cardio explosion with this workout, and on the 3X20 reverse lunge/forward lunge is it like this… (exp. right leg reverse lunge,right leg forward counts as 1 , then left leg reverse, then forward lunge counts as 2 and so on? thanks

    1. Since these two workouts are similar, they will flow well together. The cardio explosion workout is more about toning your lower body through the use of intense plyometric movements. Obviously, it also brings a cardio/fat burn element. My recommendation would be to do the cardio explosion workouts on days between the bubbilicious butt workout. Something like this would work:

      Monday: Bubblicious
      Tuesday: Cardio explosion
      Wednesday: Bubblicious
      Thursday: Rest
      Friday: Cardio
      Saturday. Bubbilicious

      In regards to your other question, one lunge forward is 1, one lunge backwards is 2..and so on. Hope that helps and sorry again for the delay!


  18. question> do I run the days I do these workouts or on the days I don’t? Can I run on both the days without the workouts and with it?

  19. do you have to have the size of her hips (the girl in picture) to get this butt? My brother told me that it wouldn’t be possible for me to do this because I don’t have the hips to get that butt

    1. Hi there…I don’t actually have her sizes. Of course, each of us is built differently, and accumulate muscle at a different rate and to a different degree, but with enough hard work and proper nutrition you can easily build a healthy and fit body (and butt) you can be proud of.


  20. Hello, I stumbled across this article on Pinterest. The picture at the top is actually a picture of me that I submitted to I’ve always been told I have a nice “bubble butt” so thanks for the compliment! 🙂

    1. Ha, wow, well nice to finally “meet” you! Your butt has been quite the topic of conversation amongst our (mainly) female readers for quite a while now. One question that always comes up – what kind of workouts/exercises do you do? Anything in particular? Thanks for checking us out and hope you keep coming back!


  21. Is there any way to combine this workout with the Total Body Blitz or some other really good overall workout? I mainly want a good butt but I still want my overall body to be toned/fit so I don’t want to only do a workout that focuses on my butt. Any ideas? If they can’t be combined would it be good to add in some of your ‘7 best butt exercises’ to leg days on the TBB workout?

    1. You can definitely combine programs if that’s what you want to do. None of these programs are set in stone and must be followed to a T. There is definitely room for deviation or inclusion of other exercises/workouts.

      Now, if your goal is to improve your butt, while getting “toned/fit” all over, I’m guessing you really mean you want to burn off body fat so your muscles appear more defined or “toned”. See, the whole thing about getting toned, is simply about burning fat. You no doubt have muscle, but if you aren’t as toned as you’d like, you just need to find a way to burn that fat off.

      If I were you, I’d check out some of our metabolic conditioning workouts. These will help you build muscle and develop that “fit” look, while burning fat, and spiking your metabolism. Do this 2x a week.

      In addition, I’d take one of the bubbilicious butt workouts and do that once a week. I’d also take some exercises from the ‘7 best butt exercise’ article and include them on another leg/butt day. Go heavy and focus on squats, deadlifts, hack squats, etc.

      To round things out, I’d focus on 2-3 sessions of HIIT sprints, cycling, etc. a week. I’d throw one or two of these on top of a leg day, so you’re in the gym (or working out) 5 or possibly 6 days a week.

      Of course, if you are interested in our customized fitness planning and want a virtual trainer to help you along the way, we’ll be releasing our FitPlan in a few weeks. Just let me know and I’ll put your email address on our pre-sign up list.

      Hope that helps and if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  22. Hi Matt , I’ve found your blog through Pinterest and so happy about it 🙂 I’ve been working out for a while but haven’t got the results I want. I think this plyo/weight combo may do the the trick. I have a question. There is a class at my gym where we do similar work-out once a week not only for legs but for total body. I really love that class and want to continue with that. So I can do this work-out twice a week. Which days of this exercise should I do; any recommendations?(Day 2 and Day 3 maybe?) Or is it better to do for instance Day 1 and Day 2 one week and next week to continue with Day3 and again Day1 and so on. Thank you so much again for sharing this. Really excited about it 🙂

    1. Hey Serra – we’re happy you found us too! To answer your question, I would recommend continuing with the Bubbilicious Butt Workout, using two of the three days, as you mentioned. To make sure your getting good variety, I would rotate which days you complete each week. For instance, week 1 might look like this:

      BBW #1, Group Class, BBW #2

      Week 2:
      BBW #2, Group Class, BBW #3

      I’m sure you get the idea. Just rotate the three workouts, making sure you’re hitting them all on a consistent basis.

      One last point, and something a LOT of women seem to forget on their quest to that perfect bubble butt… Building muscle (anywhere on your body for that matter) is the result of two things: adequately fatiguing the targeted muscle with good variety and increasingly heavier weight over time AND (this is the big one) giving it enough fuel to grow. This means, you’ve got to be eating enough protein and calories in order for your body to create new tissue, i.e. muscle. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the best butt exercises in the world…if you aren’t fueling yourself properly, you’re body simply can’t create the new tissue required to give you that “bubble” butt. Hope that helps, and if you have any other questions, please ask! Looking forward to seeing you around the blog and website.


  23. Matt, my butt is flat! I’ve been considering surgery but the pain & recovery had me a little hesitant. Is this really going to help me & do you have videos because I don’t quite understand some of the instructions?

    1. Hey Yolanda – sorry for the delay in getting back, I’ve been out of town without internet connection.

      To answer your question, stay away from the surgery. This workout will surely help you develop the lower body muscle you’re looking for, provided you are also eating a nutritionally sound diet.

      If you’re looking for videos to help you understand some of the exercises, just head over to our main site: From there, browse our body diagram tool and search for the exercise you are unsure of. Body diagram tool:

      In the meantime, if you’ve got any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


  24. Well.Is this guaranteed in any degree to make the butt like in the photo,work out the glutes and make the side muscle of the legs,the muscle on the side of the hips,bigger,even if im a guy?

    1. There is of course no way to guarantee you will look EXACTLY like the image shown. Your genetic makeup and body structure play a large part in how you will appear. Additionally, your diet plays a part in how successful a workout plan will be for you. As such, I can’t guarantee how you’ll look after following this plan….and anyone that tries to guarantee you’ll look a certain way is blowing smoke. What I can tell you is a lot of people using this plan have been very happy with their results provided they put in the effort and ate a nutritionally sound diet.


      1. Hello Matt,
        I’m a guy and am not genetically gifted person. Do you think any guy can have a great butt (like Will Smith’s for instance) if one guy or person will do the above workout for a long period of time?

        I don’t mind if it takes a year or the rest of my life 🙂

        I have been working out for 10 years but still not seeing the result I wanted. But honestly I was never focused. Meaning I have never tried 3 times a week just for the leg part / butt plus the inclusion of plyometric exercise.

        Perhaps all I want to know is if having great back side is Possible even when one is not physically genetic.


      2. Hey Kenneth, thanks for the question.

        While I can’t say I’ve ever gotten a good look at Will Smith’s butt, I do feel confident that you can reach bubble butt status, despite your genetic predisposition.

        It may require more work and better eating habits, but you can surely develop the booty of your dreams.

        One thing to keep in mind – your diet is just (if not more so) as important as the workouts you’re doing. If you’re not getting enough protein, your body is going to be unable to build the new tissue (in this case glute muscle) to achieve the shape you’re trying to build. My suggestion would be to really make sure you’re getting enough protein and calories first. Once you’ve got that in order, by all means, go ahead with this butt workout, or use our FitPlan to get yourself into the kind of shape you want.

        Hopefully that helped answer your question – if not, or if you have anything else, please feel free to ask!

        Thanks for checking us out and hope to keep seeing you around here!


      3. Thank you Matt. This is very informative. I will always remember your advise… my diet is just as important as my work out plan.

  25. Hey Matt,

    I did this workout last night and love it, I just have a few questions… I used to work at a gym so I worked out 4 days a week there and had a TON of muscle and my body was in great condition since I played volleyball and ran/hiked/swam almost everyday. Then, I had a baby 6 months ago and over the course of being pregnant I lost 20 lbs. I’m 5’6″ and was 127, now I’m 107 lbs. NOT the weight I want to be at. I drink protein shakes (1000 calories), whey protein, peanut butter, etc. and I can’t seem to gain the weight back. I know most people struggle with the opposite but I’m just wondering if you have any advice for gaining weight and muscle at the same time. I don’t have much in the way of weights, just hand weights up to 40 lbs, so I usually hold 5-10 lbs in each hand while doing squats, lunges, etc. I’m worried that doing this workout will only cause me to lose more weight with all the jumping around and that’s definitely not a need for me at this time. Please help!

    1. This will help add muscle mass to your legs, but it won’t make them “bigger” the way I think you’re thinking.

      I don’t know about you, but I think the best set of legs are those that are toned and athletic looking..not skin and bones. This workout will help give you an athletic set of legs and butt. If you think you’re looking “bulky” or “big”, it’s likely that you just need to burn off some of the fat on your legs that are covering the muscle beneath. Consider one of our HIIT cardio plans in combination to get a nice and toned lower half. Any other questions, please ask!


  26. my issue is retaining weight in my lower back(right above my butt). i cant seem to get get rid of this problem area!!!!!! will this help? if not what can you suggest? its really an ugly issue i’m having!

    1. Hey Kiana –

      If your problem is fat retention around the lower back or love handles, you need a healthy dose of cardio..plain and simple. Doing strength-focused workouts are great, and they’ll help contribute towards fat loss, but they can’t touch a well-design high-intensity cardio plan geared towards max fat loss.

      Take a look at Parts 1 and 2 of our HIIT Workout Plan. Doing this should really help you burn off excess body fat and slim down. I’d suggest including some weight training, possibly our MetCon Challenge Workouts along with the HIIT Cardio Workouts to create a complete and effective workout program best suited for you and your goals. Any other questions, please ask!


  27. Hi, I found this blog and I think is great. I have a question: I don´t have so much butt and my hips are not round. Is there a chance of increase my glutes and hips and make then rounder? I want to have it like in the picture (dreaming :D), but i would like to improve the shape and to look up. What can I eat and must stop eating to see better results?

    Where do I see the exercise “a” and “b”, etc that you talk about?


  28. Matt, help me! I´m sad because of my body. I don´t have a lot of glutes, no hips and no waist. I look like a surfboard. And I´m not tall. I would like to have more curves. Do you recommend lipo? If I extract my ribs? What do I do? Sorry for my english but it´s not my native lenguage

  29. Matt,

    I found this through Pinterest like many others and think this workout is perfect for me.

    I’m 5’8″ and 117 pounds. My top half is very slim with almost no fat, but lately I have been noticing an increasing amount of cellulite on my lower half especially on my thighs and butt. I want to try this workout to help tone up, but I don’t think this will completely melt away my cellulite. What would you recommend for me to pair up with this workout to blast away my fat in time for bikini season? Thank you! 🙂


    1. Hey Grace, thanks for leaving a comment.

      First off, I would take a good hard look at your diet – are you drinking sugary drinks like fruit juices? Eating simple carbs, i.e. white bread/flour. Getting enough protein? Your diet is the biggest factor in all of this, definitely keep that in mind.

      As far as your workouts go, if you want to fight back against this fat gain, you should look to do some high intensity cardio. If I were you, I’d recommend our HIIT Cardio Plan 3 days a week, with a full body complex routine 1 day upper/1 day lower…for 5 days of work. If you feel up to it, additional cardio (check out our 10 minute “finisher” workout) could be included after weight training days.

      This bubbilicious butt program is effective, but I would focus more on total body fat loss and total body muscle gain before trying to improve specific areas of your body, as this plan aims to do. If you need more advice or are having a hard time finding the workouts I mentioned on the blog, please let me know and I’d be happy to further help.


  30. Hello Matt 🙂 I don’t really have a butt or hips or anything, I plan on starting this workout today and I will let you know in 12 weeks if I see any improvements doing these workouts and I might also post my before and after pictures! I really want to have a sexy bubble butt before summer… I really hope I have a nice big round bubble butt. When I plan on doing this workout, do I eat as many calories that I am supposed to for my weight and height or do I eat less calories?

    1. Hey Andrea –

      You definitely need to eat calories in order for your body to build muscle. Lean muscle mass won’t just grow out of thin air (even if you’re working out) – it needs fuel to grow. Definitely be sure to get your protein and ample calories each day. It may be a little trial and error before you find the right calorie total for your body…but once you find the right zone where you’re putting on primarily muscle and very little body fat, you’ll want to stick to that. When you finish up this program and want to tone down a bit, you’ll scale back your calories by 10-15% and increase the cardio. Simple as that. 🙂


  31. Hii Matt i live at Mexico City. I’ll start doig this at Monday i’ll let yo know how it works for me:) in about a month!

    1. Hola Pam! 🙂

      Sounds good – I look forward to hearing about your progress!

      As you get going, if you ever find you need some advice or have a question, please feel free to reach out. I’m always available to assist any of you guys on your fitness journies, all you have to do is give me a shout. Thanks for checking us out and hope to keep seeing you around here!


  32. hey matt,
    could you plz add the pix of those exercises? my eng aint that good and i’m not familiar wid those moves, i really wanna hv a beautiful and sexy body. could you plz help me out???
    that would be a huge favor.

      1. well, my connection speed is very low and youtube and many other sites r filter in my country! so i cant see the videos…
        tnx anyway!

  33. hi Matt, what workouts will make my flat butt “poke out” I need to fill in my jeans!!..I believe my butt has no muscle what so ever…it jiggles and all but I need it to have a more C shape than a ( shape while keeping (and gaining) the little fat I do have. Also after 4 weeks does this workout change…less reps?

    1. Hey Bre – sorry for the delay, I’ve been practically living in airports the past few days.

      As far as what can help your butt, it really comes down to two major components. First, you’ve got to build muscle back there, and you’re not going to build muscle if you’re not eating properly. Make sure you’re getting enough protein and total daily calories to allow your body to build muscle.

      Second, you’ve got to be doing the right exercises. The bubbilicious butt workout is a great mix of standard weight exercises and plyometric movements. If you want to bump things up even further, check out The 30 Day Picture Perfect Butt Challenge, which we posted to the blog just last week. I think adding these quick 5-10 minute workouts in ADDITION to the bubbilicious butt workout will really help you out.

      The bubbilicious butt workout remains the same, but you should be able to complete it as written for at least 8-12 weeks. Just continually bump the weights you’re using as you get stronger and you should continue to see progress down there. Any other questions, please ask!


    1. Hey there Alexis – I’m actually a part-time vegetarian myself; I try to go meatless about 4 days a week, so finding ways to get my protein on these days was a struggle until I did some research and found some great substitutes.

      Check out this article I wrote back in May:

      This guide should be pretty helpful for vegetarian protein ideas. If you’re more interested in how much protein to eat, check out this other article I posted just last week:

      Hope that helps – let me know if you have any other questions.


  34. has anyone done this and had good results? like going from no butt to a butt lol. i want to find a workout that really does work and will help me in butt apartment..

    1. Hey Juliana – this is actually one of our most popular workouts we’ve ever posted. People have been having GREAT success with this. Of course, you’re going to have to maintain a good diet to grow that lower body muscle – make sure you’re getting enough calories and protein to allow your body to build new muscle.

      Stick to this program, add in some HIIT cardio, balance things out with an upper body day or two..and you should be well on your way to an amazing and toned, new body!


    1. This indicates the number of sets (the first number) as well as the number of reps orr seconds (the second number).

      For instance, 20 x 10 means 20 sets (repeat 20 times) for 10 seconds per set.

      4 x 12 means, four sets, 12 reps per set…which equals a total of 48 reps. Think you understand how things work now? If not, just let me know!

  35. Hello,

    Ik have a butt that is full when you look from the side. But when you look from the back it is quite narrow just underneath the hipbone. Is there one special exercise that can train that muscle so I get a rounder butt?

    Thank you

    1. Hey Roos – doing exercises that hit all angles of your glute muscles are going to help create a fuller butt. In addition, adding plyometric exercises to your standard weight routine will also help bring about better results.


  36. Hi,

    I am pretty thin (about 110 pounds) and I have been trying to get a bigger butt. I have an overall hourglass shape but my butt is lower than it should be. What are some effective ways to lift it? What foods/supplements do you recommend?

    1. A great lower body plan with a focus on the butt is going to help you tigthen, tone, and “lift” your butt. I’d check out our 5 week bubble butt program – it’s been very successful at helping people with a similar issue.

      As far as supplements go..I’d just make sure you’re getting enough protein, especially after weight training sessions, and keep a balanced and healthy diet. Eliminate sugars, simple carbs, etc. and you should start to see the changes you want. Any other questions, let me know!


  37. Hey Matt,
    I weigh about 140 lbs and I am right around 6 foot (I’m also a man). My butt is very flat. I cannot find a workout that doesn’t put too much pressure on the lower back (lower back issues, only affected when squatting with weights). I want to be able to fill out a pair of jeans. Anyway, my boyfriend has a nice, round, bubble butt and I just wish to have a somewhat similar one. What can I do to make this happen?


  38. Hi Matt,

    How do I modify this without weights/equipment. I’m currently studying abroad and our school doesn’t have gyms! So how can I modify this so I can perform more of these exercises at home?

    1. Get yourself a couple of water jugs, big Gatorade bottles, etc…basically anything you can fill with liquid AND has handles. These are your new weights. Use them when an exercise calls for a weighted supplement, i.e. dumbbells, barbell, etc. I’ve been using water jug training myself for years, and it really provides a heck of a workout that hits your muscles in a completely different way than ordinary weights, due to the sloshing/movement of the water and the recruitment of additional stabilization muscles. Any other questions, feel free to ask!


  39. Hello Matt,

    Im a new mom and the only thing that sucks about it is that I no longer have a waist line or a shaped butt. Please help me figure out what I can do with my diet and low amount of exercise time to get the body I want.

    1. Hey there Khalia. Well the good news is, I’ve worked with a TON of people just like yourself, i.e. limited time to workout. That’s the reason I designed so many of our workouts to be 40 minutes or less…and all done from your living room.

      If you’re interested in getting on a personalized fitness program, let me know and I’ll get you set up with all the information you need to get going.


  40. Hy Matt,
    Pls am Lillie, and I need to get a big round wobbly butt …I do squats, but I stopped because squats make the bum hard and muscular( that’s how I feel) pls could u help me with routines to get the desired butt I want as fast as I can?thankyou

  41. Hello Matt,
    I recently start working out (about 3 weeks) ,I just find your blog today,I wanted to know ow long does it take to see the result?

  42. Hi Matt :),
    Im 5’9 and 134 poiunds, i have a fast metabolism and its kind o fhard for me to gain weight and keep it, bthe biggest i ever got was 156 and that was a year ago. my butt is flat and has alot of muscle, it doesnt really jiggle, want to get more fatt on my butt and thighs, will this help?

    1. Hey Ariana – this workout certainly isn’t designed to help you add fat to your body. This will continually add muscle to your butt/thighs, as well as sculpt them in that “athletic” way. I think your problem has to do with the fact you aren’t really eating a balanced, protein-heavy diet.

      Try eating ~100 grams of protein a day, while eliminating the junk, and I think you’ll be pleased with your results.

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