Monday’s Motivation: Total Body Blitz Workout Success Story

Since we first posted our Total Body Blitz workout series a few months ago, THOUSANDS of you have decided to step up to this challenge head on.  We’ve received tons of feedback and questions about this program over the last few months.  What we most often hear is; “does this program really work?  I don’t want to get big and bulky, or waste my time in the gym.  I just want to lose some pounds and add some muscle”.  Our response to which is always, we’ve personally seen the positive effects this program has in hundreds of people before you.  Just trust the science behind what you’re doing and good things will happen. 

Even still, this often isn’t enough.  So today, we’re posting a picture and review from one of our readers.  Mila Clark has just recently completed part one of this three-part workout series.  Below is her review on how things are going so far.  Give it a read, and hopefully use this as motivation to either get yourself started, or sustain the efforts you’ve been putting in.  There’s no reason all of you can’t put yourselves on a path to success the way Mila has.  For more info on Mila, check out her blog here.

We’re always seeking before/after pictures and/or reviews of our workouts; consider submitting yours today to not only motivate and inspire others like you, but to claim a free thank you gift! 

From Mila Clarke:

When I started working out in November, I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. Very quickly, I became bored just driving to the gym every day, hopping on the treadmill, and seeing tiny bits of measurable results. It got me to a point where I really just thought “I should quit.”
One day I was browsing the Pinterest, and I saw a picture of a really toned, fit girl on a fellow pinner’s Pinboard. All it said was “do this, look like that,” so I clicked, and landed here at Share It Fitness, and the rest is sort of history for my workouts. 
Four weeks ago, I started the Total Body Blitz, Share It Fitness’ total body workout, after being a treadmill junkie for months. The thing that I can tell you about this workout is that it isn’t easy; it looks incredibly easy on paper, and while it is difficult, you’ll see that the work you put into it is well worth your time (which, by the way is only about 45 minutes to an hour a day just depending on your pace, and the day’s activity.)
All in all, this will totally keep your workouts interesting. You’ll see results, and you’ll learn about muscles you never even thought you had. This workout program has totally changed the way I looked at working out. I’m never bored, I’m always working hard (so I feel really good about being at the gym) and I’m not ever doing the same thing every day.  Most of all, it’s challenging, which is my favorite part. I get to climb a new mountain everyday, and I feel awesome after every week I’ve finished. I just finished Phase one, and I’m excited to start on Phase two!
Something that this workout did for me, that no other workout has, is push me out of my comfort zone. It taught me that if I stay where I’m comfortable, I’m never going to see the change that I want. The Total Body Blitz is giving me the confidence to break through barriers I never thought I would get through, and it’s making me much stronger and more fit than I ever thought I would be!


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