When It’s Time to Advance Your Yoga Practice…


Take It Up A Notch With A Yoga Teacher Training

Many people assume that yoga teacher training programs are just for those people who are interested in teaching professionally, it’ not. The truth is that only 20% of the students who attend one actually launch their career. The rest of them are going because they want to take their practice to a whole new level. So what is the benefit of a yoga training course?

Yoga Classes Are Mainly For Beginners

Yoga studios have a business to run so they need to think about who are most of their customers. Since it is still fairly new here in the US, most of the people attending are beginners. This means that if you have been practicing for at least a year, it can be hard to advance your skills and this is where a yoga teacher training can come in to play. Most studios can’t go into detail about many nuances of the practice which can make it hard for students to advance themselves and move further.

Dive Deeper Into Your Yoga Practice

In a yoga certification course, you are truly immersed into every aspect of what yoga is really all about. People here in the US tend to associate it with just being super flexible and getting into “pretzel” poses. The physical asana practice is really only about 25% of what yoga is really all about. Things like meditation, pranayama, philosophy, nutrition, and other components are what really summarize the entire practice.

Getting “In” Shape

In the East where yoga originated, it was originally started as a practice to move inwards. Whether you want to call this spiritual, holistic, enlightenment, or whatever, the main idea was about purifying your mind and body so that you would live your life from a balanced and joyful state of being. So many of us who focus on exercising tend to mainly focus on the outside, but the inside is actually more important. More so, the outside is a reflection of the inside (i.e. “inner beauty”). In a yoga teacher training, it provides the space for a student to have a personal transformation where they can explore more of who they are both mentally, emotionally, and physically.

So Who Would Benefit From A Yoga Teacher Training?

While a yoga instructor training is definitely not for everyone, it is for those people who are serious about their own well-being. Yoga is more about cultivating a lifestyle and taking ownership of your health. If you are seriously devoted to living a fulfilling life and educating yourself on what it means to be healthy, then a yoga teacher training would be a great opportunity to explore this further. However, you would have need to have a minimum of six to twelve months of a dedicated practice already under your belt.

As the founder of Yoga Training Guide, Sergio Diazgranados has been helping students go deeper into their practice and explore more of who they are as a person and spirit.


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