Far too often, when one attempts to lose weight, add muscle, and generally improve their physique, the emphasis is placed squarely on the gym and exercise programs.  While this is an important component, it’s certainly not the ONLY component you should be focusing on.  Its been said that 60% of the weight loss battle is fought in the kitchen.  Not only do I agree with this statement, I wonder if it’s not a higher percentage.  Point is, what you put into your body is going to have a HUGE effect on how you look and feel.

All the HIIT sprinting, crunches, compound exercises, and everything else we tout on Share it Fitness isn’t going to make a lick of difference if you are still eating sugary, high-fat, simple carb-laden meals on the regular.  If you’ve changed your exercise lifestyle, congratulate yourself, but don’t stop there.  Now it’s time to change your dietary lifestyle.

I’ve personally witnessed the body transformation of clients who adopted a healthy eating mindset first hand.  They went from looking semi-fit, but soft and average around the edges to a hard-bodied, toned, and HOT specimen of a human being.  The food you eat has THAT big of an effect on you and your physique.  The worst mistake you can make is underestimating the impact unhealthy eating can have.

This article isn’t going to give you the same generic advice you’ve been given time and time again; eat whole wheat pasta in place of the white flour kind, swap turkey meat for ground beef in hamburgers, or sub out fried fish sticks for carrot sticks.  Come on people…that stuff is lame.  What you really want is practical and tasty meals to replace the crap you’ve been eating.  In addition, not only are these meals lower in calories and fat, but they are high in anti-oxidants and other vital nutrients that do everything from make your hair shinier to fight free-radicals and combat cancer.  These superfoods are not only great for your waistline, but for the functioning of your body as a whole.

Below, are examples of what many of you are eating…and a comparable, healthy, nutrient-dense replacement.


Eat This: Cheesy Quinoa with Caramelized Veggie Medley Not This: Mac n’ Cheese


Eat This: Guilt Free Blueberry Coffee Cake Not This: Fruit-filled Danish

Really, you can substitute any high-sugar breakfast pastry for the fruit-filled danish above.  These sneaky little snacks may make you feel as if you are eating healthy because you eating fruit (in reality, its fruit compote and a whole lot of sugar and gelatin), but they come in right around 400 calories EACH.  Not to mention, the high sugar content is going to spike your blood sugar levels and throw your body completely out of whack.  In its place is a whole wheat, high fiber, and extremely tasty (I can attest to this) blueberry coffee cake.  This stuff tastes so good you will be surprised it’s healthy.  At only a hair above 200 calories per serving you can afford to indulge in a sweet breakfast treat and not set yourself in a hole for the rest of the day.


For the full recipe, click here.


Eat This: Hearty Greek Nachos: Not This: Nachos Grande



Eat This: Lamb Tajine Not This: Chili



Eat This: Panko Crusted Baked Chicken Not That: Greasy Friend Chicken



Eat This: Watermelon-Cherryberry Sorbet Not This: Ice Cream Sundae



One thought on “Eat THIS…Not THAT!”

  1. Hmmm…. I would not call chili a “heart attack inducing” meal per se. It depends on what the base is. LIke many of the dishes here, they can get a nutrition makeover that retains the flavors and brings better health to your plate by employing some simple substitutions. Here’s my recipe for chili, and made with vegetables, grains, or meat substitutes makes for a heart, satisfying, healthy meal. And it can be used on nachos, too, which – when made with whole grain chips, healthy guacamole, is a fairly healthy snack (albeit high in calories so should be kept a special treat). I invite you to take the chili challenge!
    Cheers, Dr. PKN

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