Is V8 the Way to Go? The Lowdown on Using Vegetable Juices to Meet Your Daily Requirements

We all want to eat healthier…eat more fruits and veggies, less sodium, more protein, etc.  There are of course a variety of ways to go about this.  Turning to a vegetable juice, like V-8, is how many people get their daily servings of vegetables.  But is a quick V-8 really the answer? Dr. PK Newby takes a look at vegetable juice in today’s post and discusses the pro’s, con’s and ultimately, gives her opinion on using a vegetable juice drink to reach your daily veggie requirements…


Should’ve Had a V-8?


I have some unfinished business I need to complete regarding vegetable juices, and this is the subject of today’s post. It’s almost as thrilling as maple buttercream and pan seared bluefish, I know. (Not served together! Geesh.) In all seriousness, though, I was in fact pretty darn excited when I made homemade vegetable juice, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to revisit the issue.

Truth be told, I have no idea how many people actually drink tomato juice and/or whatever other vegetables juices in the year 2011 – and there are quite a few on our crowded supermarket shelves. I imagine it was more popular a few decades back: in an episode of Mad Men c.1960 a woman ordered a tomato juice apéritif, which came served with a lemon wedge. I laughed when the waiter brought the juice over because it looked exactly like the juice I served up on the video I posted a few weeks back. (See picture, right, and you can also click here to watch how I made it.)

Nevertheless, at least one student in my class drinks it – hence this email – and I know some people enjoy bloody or virgin marys with brunch, so in this post I’ve provided some things for you to consider if you include vegetable juices in your diet. 

For the full article, click here.


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