Do This…Look Like That…Total Body Blitz Workout Part II

Hopefully if you guys are reading this, you’ve already made it through the first part of this workout series.  If not, refer back to this post and give it a read.  It’s always best to start from the beginning of a plan, rather than jump right in at another point.  Things have been designed to build upon one another which taxes your body in a specific way.  The order in which you follow this, in my humble opinion, is very important.  Order and structure will lead to gains.  So fight the urge to jump right in if this is the first time you’ve seen this workout and start with Part I.

From all the feedback we’ve been getting it seems like this workout is absolutely KILLER and, more importantly, helping you guys make progress.  It has been so great to hear about all your successes in the first month.  Keep it up, stick to the plan, and good things are sure to follow.

As I mentioned in the previous post, part II begins increasing the TUT (time under tension) your muscles will endure.  This is an advanced technique which requires you to lift and lower the weight slooowlly.  I’ll get to just how slowly in a few minutes.  To accomplish this, we’re going to completely switch things up and lower the weight you’re lifting.  This is a great way to ensure your gains continue as your body isn’t going to know what to do.  When your body doesn’t know what to do, it can’t adapt to the stimulus, thereby leading towards consistent gains.  There is nothing worse than putting the time and energy into doing the same routine day in, day out, for months on end, only to realize minimized gains at best.  If you’re going to put the effort in, might as well follow a plan that makes it worthwhile.  Part II makes things extremely worthwhile…

Now, when you see (+TUT) next to a workout day, it means every exercise should be performed using the technique described below.  This technique will be increasing the total time under tension your muscle experiences.  To do this properly, I want you to do two things: 1) On the lift (concentric) portion of a lift, count to 4 in your head.  When you reach 4, you should have completely lifted the weight.  2)On the lower (eccentric) portion of a lift give it a full 2 count in your head.  When you reach 2, you should have completely lowered the weight.

Working out in this format will result in a 6 second TUT for each repetition.  Studies have shown that for each exercise, TUT between 40-70 seconds is most effective.  I believe the higher end of this scale is best.  That being said, most TUT exercises will be done for 8-12 reps.  The exact number of repetitions isn’t as important; you want to be feeling the burn and enducing failure on your last rep.  Whether that is rep 8 or rep 12 is less of a difference.  You be the judge of where you are at, and if you need to increase/decrease the weight used, go for it.  Biggest thing to make sure of, is you are doing full 4/2 counts (lift/lower), for a total of 6 seconds per repetition.

In addition, we’re going to be introducing you to a variety of cardio elements on cardio days.  By cross-training, we’re going to continue to push the body and get you to burn off those stubborn LBs of body fat.

Week 1

  • Monday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell bench press, skullcrushers, dumbbell military press, barbell upright row, barbell preacher curls.  100 crunches/100 bicycle crunches (perform crunches as you normally would, not with the TUT technique)
  • Tuesday –  30 min HIIT cycling (20 seconds 100% intensity/40seconds 60% intensity, repeat for 30 minutes).  30 minutes jogging at a steady pace.
  • Wednesday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Squats, deadlifts, leg press machine, calve raises, hamstring curls.
  • Thursday – 100 squat jumps/100 bodyweight squats/100 russian lunges/200 line jumps/50 burpees
  • Friday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell bench press, skullcrushers, dumbbell military press, barbell upright row, barbell preacher curls.  100 crunches/100 bicycle crunches (perform crunches as you normally would, not with the TUT technique)

Tips: On Thursday, perform each set of exercises in as few sets as possible.  For weight days, you will want to lower the weight used so you can perform 8-12 reps with the TUT technique.  You will want to completely fatigue by the last rep or two on your 2nd/3rd sets.

Week 2

  • Monday – 5 minutes of weighted speedskaters/rest 90 seconds/5 minutes high knees/rest 90 seconds/5 minutes jump rope.  Repeat 3 more times.
  • Tuesday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Squats, bulgarian squats, reverse dumbbell lunges, calve raises, quad extension, hamstring curls. 100 box jumps.
  • Wednesday – 20 minutes HIIT row machine (:20/1:00 format), 20 minutes HIIT sprinting (jog for .1, sprint for .1, repeat)
  • Thursday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Lat pulldowns, close grip rows, hammer curls, military press, dumbbell flys, incline dumbbell flys, dips, front dumbbell raises, dumbbell shrugs.
  • Friday – 60 minutes HIIT jump roping (:45 jumping/45 seconds resting)

Tips: Continue to focus on counting slowly in your head.  If you feel you are able to bump the weight up and still maintain the 4/2 lift/lower technique, feel free.

Week 3

  • Monday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Bent over barbell rows, bench press, incline bench press, lateral dumbbell raises, incline bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, tricep rope pushdown, barbell upright rows. 100 leg raises/100 flutter kicks.
  • Tuesday – Jump rope 30 minutes (2 minutes jumping/30 seconds rest.  Repeat 15 times.) 20 minutes HIIT cycling (:30/1:30 format)
  • Wednesday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Leg press, deadlifts, squats, side barbell squats, sumo squats
  • Thursday – Share It Fitness Challenge Workout Challenge: Black Diamond
  • Friday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Wide grip seated rows, lying dumbbell curls, barbell shrugs, arnold press, rear delt dumbbel flys, face pulls, cable rope curls, single arm dumbbell rows on bench

Tips: This week, we’ve included a Share It Fitness workout challenge.  Give this a try to see how you stack up.  These are very strenuous workouts, so don’t feel bad if you can’t make it all the way through.  It’s a good way to gauge your progress.

Week 4

  • Monday – Share It Fitness Workout Challenge: Cross Eyes
  • Tuesday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Narrow stance leg press, wide stance leg press, dumbbell squats, 150 box jumps, 50 step ups (Per leg.  Hold dumbbells in each hand), 50 reverse step ups (ditto).
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes HIIT row machine (:30/1 minute format), 30 minutes HIIT cycling (:40/1:20 format)
  • Thursday – 3 sets of 8-12 using TUT format: Dumbbell bench press, skull crushers, incline dumbbell flys, lateral dumbbell raise, dumbbell pullovers, close grip bench press, dumbbell military press
  • Friday – 45 minutes HIIT sprinting (:30/1:15 format), 15 minutes walking backwards at ~2.5 mph pace.

So there you have part II of this Total Body Blitz workout plan.  Things have definitely increased in intensity from part 1, but you guys should easily be able to handle it, especially if you stuck with every workout in part I.  As always, any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave a note and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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36 thoughts on “Do This…Look Like That…Total Body Blitz Workout Part II”

  1. so i have been doing alot of hiit and weights but not more than 330 min try to run at least 3 mi every other day but vacation coming soon and not as young as these girlls in pics and need a higher gear so im giving this a shot thought the 30 cycling and then get my jog on would kill me felt like a slug on the treadmill but survived so bring it on though i would like a harder ab and more defined butt routine and abs need to raise my booty higher and tighter help and thanks

      1. i have an ab wheel in all my gear as a matter fact i have used before but i never used it that many sets before thanks ill give it a go should i add the 8 week routine to the blitze i am already doing?

      2. Doing both fully at one time would be over-kill. Combine the two by replacing the Blitz lower body days with some of the 8-week routine days. Also, if you feel up to it, add an extra 8-week workout on the weekend. Hope that helped!

      3. so i know it seems common sense roll out roll in but is there really proper form for the wheel? standing,kneeling .legs bent ,straight all the way out and all the way back ,all the way out half in is there a video somewhere you like to use really made my shoulders sore ,expected though thanks

      4. It’s important to keep your back straight. You are right, it is normal for your shoulders to be sore. Roll it out as far as you can, if you are new to the roller than you might not be able to make it the whole way which is fine, you’ll get there! Works both from your knees and also from your toes with your legs straight, but that is a much more advanced move.

  2. what can we do in place of the row machine? :S and on some of the lifts.. if we don’t know what they are or how to do them.. what do I do? I hate that I’m not totally knowledgable on all the lifting techniques and stuff

  3. I lift weights now I use 12lbs on make back and doing leg lifts I do about 5 sets of 8 when I do dumbbell curls I only use 5lbs becausebim scared to get buff I’ve def tones up and list weight n kept weight off but in been doing 5lbs for months now …I always feel like these blogs never include how much weight a woman should be lifting tone and lose weight. I’m 5’3 and @ 136 . Please help me I really want to try this program thanks :)!!!!

    1. I’ve got to clear a few things up right away. First off, the reason many blogs don’t list specific weights to lift is because everyone is different. Making blanket recommendations is simply poor advice. There was however a good guideline to follow in this workout, in regards to how heavy you should be lifting. That guideline indicated your 7th and 8th reps of a given set should be very tough to complete. If your reps are too easy, you aren’t making progress. Second off, it cannot be said enough but, lifting heavy weights WILL NOT make you big and buff. Physiologically, it simply does not work that way. There is a reason big and buff people have such a strict diet. Muscle doesn’t grow out of thin air. Getting big and buff requires massive amounts of calories in order for your body to create the new tissue. If you aren’t eating like a big and buff person, you won’t look like a big and buff person. Third, lifting the same weight (and/or doing the same exercises) for months on end will bring your progress to a screeching halt; you’ll be putting in the time and effort and not maximizing your results. Google “muscle plateau” for a wealth of information on this.

      I’m going to be blunt; you’ve got to get over your fear of lifting heavy weights. There are pictures of personal clients and readers scattered across this blog. These pictures have been posted for motivation and are primarily women who have followed this, or a very similar workout plan. ALL of these women lift heavy weights, and progressively increase the resistance over time. None of them look like the men. They all look, fit, toned, athletic, and sexy. You too can achieve this if you put the misnomers and misplaced fears to rest. Also, totally forget the word “tone”. When people think of “toned” all it means is there is less body fat covering their muscles, thereby making their muscles more pronounced. In a real-life explanation, “toned” simply means lower body fat. Lastly, adding muscle to your body has the very positive effect of increasing your metabolism. When you increase your metabolism, you burn more calories while you workout AND throughout the day. It isn’t a coincidence women who lift heavy weights and do compound lifts happen to be leaner and carry less body fat. Bottomline, if you want to add muscle to your frame and lose body fat, you need to lift heavier weights so you are reaching failure on the final rep of your sets. Over time, you’ll need to bump the weight to avoid hitting plateaus. Hope that helped and please let me know if you have any further questions.

      1. Thank you so much for the detail response I am looking forward to this 12 week program!!!! I am going to start using heavier weights:) …sorry for the poor grammar in the last post.

      2. It’s all good! Just trust the science behind everything, even on days you may be feeling “buff”. Eat a healthy diet, get ample protein, and follow this workout plan which has worked for hundreds of men and women before you…and you’ll be good to go 🙂

  4. DAMN Thursday sucked…in a fantatsic way!!! I still gotta say I want more. I am used to doing at least 90 minute work out 6 days a week

      1. BLAHAHAAH if you dont puke or pass out do it again…and we did run it again but only half. i have ADD a lil and bore easily!! we actually have a personal training business and love what you blog!

  5. When will you be posting part 3?? My friend and I are anxious to get started (Monday the 2nd!) The workouts sounds awesome.

  6. Hi. I’m on part 2, week 2 and have a question about HIIT rowing. For the “sprint” part of the row should I be going as fast as possible on a lighter setting or hard and heavy (max resistance)? Not much of a rower and pretty sure I have not been maximizing this part of the workouts. thx.

    Btw, Loving this program! Monday weighted speedskaters were totally killer — had to break the 5 minutes into 2 sets, but loved it nonetheless.

    PS, Lol to AM’s comment about last thursday — it felt like a mini vaca. I got on treadmill for 30 min after… didn’t think to run thru it again, lol. Next time.

    1. Awesome to hear you are loving the program. On the row exercise, I would bump the resistance a bit so you have a little extra tension on the cord. Go at it full-burst/100% of your effort. You don’t want to make the resistance so light that you aren’t getting the tension needed to operate at 100%. Play around with it and I’m sure you’ll figure out what works best for you.

      Like AM mentioned….hit these circuits twice if you feel you need more a chllenge! Thanks for following the blog and feel free to send over any more questions as they come up!


  7. more like a beast!!! to be honest i have been adding 5 set 12 repsinstead of 3 on everything, could only pull out 300 box jumps legs were way fatigued. It really is a great plan though and have recommended it to a lot of people. keep it coming!

    1. Definitely be sure to mix up the way in which you lift, although I’m sure any “beast” already knows this :)….go heavy for 4-6 weeks with low reps..then bump it up and do higher reps/lower weight…then go for part III of this routine to total kill yourself for a month or two…just keep the changes coming!

  8. Okay, I started the Total Body Blitz workout with what I thought was series 1 in the group, however, I just realized it is series 2 in the group. Today marks the end of week 1 in the second series for me. My question is this:

    On Monday do I begin week 2 of the second series or should I start the first day of the first workout in the series?

    1. I would suggest continuing on with series 2. On Monday, begin week 2 of the series you are currently on. Series 3 is reallly killer, so if you feel up to the challenge, run through that series twice (just be sure to increase the weight used the second time around to continue pushing yourself). Series 1 is definitely the eaisest of the three (but by no means easy), so you aren’t sacrificing much by going out of order. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading the blog and let us know how you progress!


      1. I already notice more definition on my arms and my legs are freaking killing me after all the plyometrics. I lifted this last week with heavier weights than ever before: ironically, I didn’t know I could squat with 50 lbs. I am excited to see what more looks like.

        I am also focusing on seeing myself lift more: I don’t want to be that girl in the gym staring at a weight she can’t lift.

        I just completed my workout calendar for the month of April and it is crazy. Been doing the dance with your workouts for a month now…figured it was time to actually do it.

        Thanks for all this, it really does help.

      2. Love reading comments like that. Glad you’re seeing progress. Just remember to stick with it even when you feel like your not seeing progress. Trust in the system, put in the time/effort, and good things will follow.

        As I’ve mentioned to several others who have left comments…If you like this plan you should head over to and leave us an email address. We’re launching our full site this month and we’ll be able to send you a promo code for a free premium membership which will give you access to not only more workout plans, but a full library of OnDemand video fitness classes and virtual training sessions. Thanks for your support and feel free to send over any other questions as they come up.


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