Total Body in 10 Minutes

Guest post of the day…

I have a great workout for you when you are in a rush or are making the time excuse. In 10 Minutes you will get your warm up in, elevate your heart rate and improve your mood. Remember when picking a routine the key is to not make it a routine. Always changing and confusing the muscles is crucial to success. So use this one when you choose and be sure to break it out when that little voice tells you “there is not enough time” for a workout.

Lets start with the movements. First is the air squat. Take your feet and place them under your shoulders. Then shoot your hips back and down like you are going to sit back on the couch. Literally back and down. Keep a nice upright chest do not fold yourself in half. Try to look exactly like this picture at the bottom. Then stand back up so your hips and knees are locked out and repeat. A couple key things to remember: keep a vertical flat back and stay on your heels. If anything starts to hurt then stop and consult with a trainer about your form.

Next movement is a Burpee. Nope that is not misspelled, Burpee is correct. Start standing then drop down so your chest is on the floor. Then get back to your feet jump and clap. It does not matter what goes on in the middle you can peel yourself up or do a push up. Just think about the two end points chest to the deck then jump and clap. Last movement is a V-up. Lay flat on the floor on your back. Extend your arms over your head. Now bring your feet and arms together over the center of your body at the same time. Finish position looks like this.  If that is too difficult then lift your legs as high as you can. Scaling is perfectly acceptable.

Now you have the movements, lets get to the workout.

You have 2 min to warm up. Get the blood flowing by hitting some jumping jacks, light jogging and dynamic stretching. Since you only have 10 min we will cut 2 min off for the warm up so no excuses about time. Oh yeah this workout is time based. Get a stop watch or use your phone. At the end of the 8 minutes you will record the amount of work you have done.

The Workout is….

20 Air Squats
10 Burpees
20 V-ups

Do that as many times as you can in 8 Min.

At the end of eight minutes record your score. Your score equals how many rounds you completed. An example would be 2 rounds plus 5 burpees.

Three Things to remember during this workout
1) Breath. During your squats and Burpees espcially. It is difficult to establish a breathing pattern during the V-ups but do your best.
2) Keep an active core during your air squats. It should be engaged and tight at all times during the movement.
3) This workout is about pushing yourself. Break through that mental barrier and work for the full 8 minutes are hard as you can. If you only get one round that is fine. As long as you put out your best effort!

I want to touch on the importance of recording your work. This is a great way for you to keep track of your progress. Think of it like running a mile. You want to get faster each time. If the scale does not change but you double your rounds I can guarantee you will be looking and feeling better.

Another tip for this workout is to do it with a friend. If the two of you are working hard together it will push you to work harder. If you are embarrassed or unsure of yourself pick a good friend and go outside your comfort zone. The results will be amazing. This blog post was kindly written for us by Geo Rockwell, founder of, where fitness entrepreneurs share their secrets to success. He has his CrossFit level one certification, CrossFit Endurance Certification, ACE Certification, and a Bachelors in Physical Education.


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