Need a Little E-Motivation?

What’s the biggest reason people give up on their workout program?  Plain and simple, they get burned out, lose motivation, and stop going.  Finding unique ways to keep motivation high is problem Share It Fitness and other exercise companies are looking to address.  Providing boring workout plans that are nothing more than grocery lists, do not work.  Watching 5-minute exercise videos then going off on your own to recreate what you’ve been told, does not work.  Watching the same exercise DVD’s over and over again is a sure-fire way to lead to burn out.

At Share It Fitness we are always looking for other companies who have similar ideals about fitness as we do.  I’d like to introduce you to another website that offers a unique and motivating concept on staying and/or getting healthy.  The website is  Konkura is the brain-child of Dr. Phil Worthington and aims to tap into that natural instinct of competition in each of us, to promote health and fitness.

Konkura is a free site where you can join sport and fitness challenges, or create your own, to compare your performance with other people around the world and get inspired and motivated to train harder/smarter.  The challenges can involve any aspect of sport or exercise that you can measure – from single exercises to whole workouts.  For this reason, it’s great for benchmarking how you’re improving your strength, fitness or endurance, both compared to other people and against your own past performances.

As Phil says “We created Konkura to encourage friendly competition and make exercise more fun and motivational.  If you’ve got a competitive spirit, we think you’ll get a kick out of taking part in Konkura challenges.”

Phil goes on to say, “You can use the site to find new things to do to mix up your training, or stick to a few specific challenges that are closely related to your sport or fitness goals, and use the competitive element to benchmark your performance with other people to help you keep improving.

If you create your own challenges you have the option to keep them private so that only your friends or teammates can take part.  We think that’s a fantastic way to train as a group and motivate one another, particularly if you can’t physically meet up for every training session.”

As many of you know, we here at Share It Fitness believe in our concept of Body Diversity Training.  That is, engaging in various types of fitness across all disciplines, and at varying levels, to realize the greatest potential growth.  Konkura challenges complement our philosophy by allowing you to break the mold of your standard workout program.  What’s more, fostering competition has been shown to make individuals work harder and more intensely than if they were simply doing a laundry list of exercises at the gym.

Check them out at for more information.


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