Celebrity Transformations, Jonah Hill & Seth Rogen Edition

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill was motivated to get healthy for a new role in a film, 21 Jump Street. He started working with a nutritionist and a personal trainer and has lost about 40 pounds. His new looks is a vast improvement and he is looking great! Hopefully this transformation will give him a new outlook and will want to keep up this new healthier lifestyle even after filming.

Seth Rogen

Seth also lost weight for an upcoming film.  Once he changed his eating habits Seth claimed that losing the weight wasn’t difficult, the pounds just seemed to wash away. But Seth says he does love his junk food and hasn’t learned to enjoy healthy food. Hopefully he will experience and learn to appreciate some delicious healthy meals soon and keep the weight off! Eating healthy can be just as enjoyable…especially when you know the benefits you will reap.


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