Does Your Weight Impact Your Salary?!?

An interesting new study from CNN indicates that your weight can influence your salary for both men and women. However, their is a double standard with the impact it has. Skinny women tend to have a fatter paycheck while skinny men have a skinny paycheck.  Check out the pretty significant graph below. A women who is 25 pounds overweight makes about $16,000 less than a woman of average size. A man who weights 25 pounds over the average male makes about $8,000 more.

The bigger, more muscular men in the office were described as polite, happy, brave, and smart while their skinny male colleagues were described as nervous, sneaky, afraid, and sad. The latter is not how anyone would want to be viewed in the workplace!

Furthermore, obese workers are thought to be less desirable, less agreeable and less conscientious. A worker with an average weight is thought to be more influential and is able get things accomplished effectively.

 Check out the full video from CNN here.


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