Obese Man Confined to Recliner for 2 Yrs Dies

A morbidly obese man has passed away at the young age of 43 years old.  Due to his excess weight, he suffered from knee problems and therefore did not feel he was able to walk anymore.  It had been two years since he had left his recliner before authorities cut him out of his home when he fell ill.

Obesity is the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  It is much easier to keep the weight off than to have to lose it when you finally realize your death-bed may be just around the corner.   As we’ve seen many times, excess weight can take such an extreme toll on our bodies and our health.  Obesity increases the likelihood of many diseases, takes years off your life, and quite honestly, can make your life hell.   There are endless things in the world to enjoy.  Don’t miss out on what the world has to offer for the temporary satisfaction that food may provide (key word=temporary). Stop the excuses  today and commit to living a healthier life.

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  1. Angela on

    I’m changing my obese life (I’m currently only overweight) so that I can be a good role model for my 2 year old son.

    The most disgusting part was the magots. Blech!!

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