Body Diversity Training: The Key to Lifelong Health and Well-Being

First off, this is not another article where I rant and rave about the benefits of muscle confusion.  For those of you that may not follow this blog religiously, I often preach the importance of confusing your muscles during any long-term weight training program.  The reasoning behind this is muscle confusion is a sure-fire way to keep your muscles on their toes, and helps you avoid the dreaded plateaus. 

Body diversity, which does draw on some ideas of the muscle confusion theory,  is so much more than that.  Simply changing up weights, exercises, and the manner in which we lift weights is great for individuals trying to continue gaining strength and adding muscle mass.  Adding muscle mass is great because it will help speed up your metabolism, but unlocking total body health and wellness is about more than just adding muscle and increasing your metabolism.

While working as a personal trainer several years ago I would regularly come across three different type of clients.  Client A was the person who simply wanted to hit the weights and pack on muscle.  Client B was the person who wanted to lose weight and thought doing as much running as possible was the best way to achieve that goal. Client C was the person who did a little bit of everything; weight training, yoga, biking, bootcamp classes, pilates, etc.  Client C lifted less often than Client A and did less overall cardio than Client B, but you know what?  Client C was by FAR the most fit of the bunch.   

Now, I already know what most of you are thinking.  ‘First, how do I have time to bike, take cardio classes, take yoga classes, do pilates, AND lift weights?  Second, how do I afford to take all these classes?  Achieving a fit lifestyle must only be for the well off.’  My goal, and the reason I started Share It Fitness was to show that reaching your fitness goals wasn’t about spending massive amounts of time or money in gyms and studios.

Body Diversity Training is the foundation that Share It Fitness was built.  We wanted to create a database of full-length exercise and fitness classes that was bigger and more robust than anything that could be found on the internet.  Imagine being able to wake up on Monday and take a yoga class focusing on cardio training  from your living room, then hit the gym after work for some weight training with a workout specifically designed for you by one of our live professionals.  Tuesday, maybe you are taking a cardio based class with light dumbbells from home.  Wednesday you do a plyometric class in your backyard while following along with the instructor leading the class.  Thursday, you’re back in the gym, but your taking a 60 second interval training class  instead of doing the same boring routine you’ve always done.  Friday, you decide to take an early morning relaxation yoga class to start your day.  That evening, you decide you want to get some mat pilates in, so you fire up a class and get your workout in right in front of the TV in your living room.  You get the idea.

This is Body Diversity Training.  By incorporating many different disciplines of fitness into your life, you are hitting your muscles, cardiovascular system, and mind in a way it has never experienced before.  This ever-changing fitness lifestyle throws your body into disarray.  You are going to force your body to grow, build, and become stronger.  Your mental well-being should also improve as a result.  We are going for the total body make-over, not just the physical aspect.  Not only will you look better from the outside, your internal organs are going to function better, and you will likely receive the mental benefits that come with gaining and maintaining a lean body and a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Our muscles stand to benefit by being hit from various angles, in different formats, and with varying weights.  Our cardiovascular system stands to benefit by the varying amounts and intensities of cardio we are doing.  By combining different types of cardio into your lifestyle, you will exponentially increase your CV ability and strength.  Doing the same running routine over and over not only gets old, but loses its effectiveness over time.  Keep things fresh by trying lots of different classes that keep you moving and sweating.  Classes on Share It Fitness were systematically designed for individuals of all levels.  What this means is that you can progressively take harder and harder classes as your fitness levels progress.  We have workouts designed by, and for, professional athletes that are down right HARD.  We have workouts geared towards absolute beginners.  Progressively up the difficult in your routines, and you will experience the full benefits of Body Diversity Training. 

With the concerns I know many of you have in mind, we created our website to eliminate the most common excuses.  Time: Our classes range from 10-90 minutes in length.  Find something that works for you, and do it.  Something else to keep in mind, many of these classes can be done at home.  Save time by not driving to and from the gym.  This is fitness on your own time schedule.  Price: taking 7 different fitness classes a week could add up to almost a thousand dollars a month if you were to do this in studios, gyms, etc.  Share It Fitness has brought the studio, gym, etc. to you.  For the price of a large iced coffee at Starbucks, you have access to hundreds and hundreds of full-length health and fitness classes.  That yoga studio, pilates studio, personal training gym, etc. is now at your fingertips, wherever you may be.

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