How to Fuel Your Workout

Another guest post from my buddy Casey over at

Thanks again to Cait from PA for bringing up the question of what foods are best to energize yourself before a workout. As with most fitness topics there are many opinions out there regarding how long before your workout you should eat and what is ideal for maximizing your workout.

I recommend eating a complete meal rich in quality carbs (oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa) and roughly 15-30g of protein about 2 hours prior to working out. Personally I go with an egg white omelette and oatmeal with berries roughly an hour and thirty minutes before. I’ll also use one of the following snacks as some fast fuel 20-30 minutes before I get going, so to answer your question Cait here are some pre-workout/afternoon pick me ups:

1. 1/4 cup raisins or 4-6 prunes and a handful of almonds
2. 2-3 hard-boiled egg whites and an orange/apple/tangerine
3. Apple slices with natural PB or almond butter or almonds

A general rule of thumb is to get some type of fruit for quick energy from simple sugar carbs along with a little protein. Some people argue that healthy fat isn’t a good idea but I feel like the peanut/almond butter or nuts keep me full and fueled and it’s worked great for me. It may take a little trial and error but do some experimenting and figure out what timing leaves you feeling content but not stuffed and keeps you energized throughout.


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about eating for both sexes and how that differs as well as calorie counting so I’ll be addressing these topics soon…….get your votes in for workout tip of the week and I’ll have that up this weekend. Finish of the week strong everyone!


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