Ultimate Breakfast Burrito

From my buddy Casey over at CK Fit Notes, check out this fairly easy and quick breakfast idea. 

Here is a great breakfast meal that is easy to make, delicious to eat, and easy to take with you if your mornings are hectic like most of us. I always preach that eating healthy can be just as satisfying and entertaining as our favorite junk food and that there’s a “clean” version of everything. Here is a clean version of your classic breakfast burrito; done right this meal is an ideal blend of protein, carbs & healthy fats all wrapped up in a convenient package:


-1 100% whole wheat tortilla (I use La Tortilla Factory brand)

– 2 strips turkey bacon

-3-5 eggs (2-3 whites &  1-2 whole eggs)

– 1/2 avocado sliced

– 1/4 cup diced tomato

-1/2 cup shredded romaine lettuce or baby spinach

-1 slice  pepper jack/provolone/swiss cheese

-1/4 cup diced green & red onion

All your healthy ingredients
Ultimate Breakfast Burrito

You’ll cook the bacon in a separate pan while cooking the green & white onions in olive oil. Add the eggs to the onions and scramble away. While the bacon and eggs are finishing lay out your cheese, romaine, tomato & avocado in the wrap. Top with the eggs & bacon, roll up and enjoy. You could make this the night before and heat up to go in the morning if you don’t have time, but the process only takes about 10 minutes once you get it down.

To break it down from a nutritional standpoint you’re getting quality complex carbs from the whole wheat wrap, healthy fats from the avocado and cheese, lean protein from the turkey bacon & eggs, and nutrients and flavor from the tomato, peppers, and onions. Feel free to play with this a little, sometimes I’ll do some sliced black forest ham in place of the turkey bacon .

On top of all the nutritional benefits of this meal it’s also very cheap to make.  For the cost of buying a prepared breakfast 2 times ($14) you can make a week’s worth of these burritos……..and some people say that eating healthy is expensive.


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