Slow Mo: New Technique to Try

We all know we need to switch up our routines about every 6 weeks to avoid that plateau.  Yesterday I gave this new workout a try and it was HARD!  You will really feel the burn.

With each rep, take 5 seconds to lower the weight, and 5 more seconds to raise the weight.  It will feel like you are going in slow motion.

Use a weight that has you completely fatiguing by your 8th rep.  This should usually be about 75% of what you would normally use. If that is still too heavy, just take it down a notch so you can complete 8 slo mo reps.  Repeat this 3 more times and still do 3-4 exercises per muscle group.

If this isn’t challenging enough for you, you can superset your routine.  For instance, do 8 reps of slow-mo military press, followed by 20 reps of an Arnold Press using a weight much lighter than you’d normally use.  Make explosive fast movements on this second exercise.  Alternate between slow and fast exercises.  This will really get your heart rate up and make you feel the burn!

I feel the need to include this link in tribute to SloMo for everyone to enjoy but, most likely, only my San Diegans will appreciate!


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