Ode to Cottage Cheese


I’ve never really given cottage cheese a chance but lately I haven’t been able to get enough of it!  Cottage cheese is great for dieters and body builders.  It is one of the most filling healthy foods and is perfect to stop a junk food craving.  Cottage cheese is loaded with protein and calcium and it is one of the lowest fat foods in the dairy/cheese food group.  It’s great for breakfast, a bedtime snack, or a snack at any given time of day.  You simply can’t go wrong.

 For those of you who like a bedtime snack, cottage cheese is one of your best options as it is made up of slow-digesting casein protein and few carbs.  The slow digesting proteins keep your amino acid levels up through the night, which discourages muscle breakdown while you ‘fasting’ during your 8ish hours of sleep.

I mostly opt for low fat, small curd cheese.  If you are watching your sodium intake I recommend a lower sodium brand, as cottage cheese is high in sodium, it’s only downfall, in my opinion.

My favorite ways to eat cottage cheese:


Mixed with Fruit (mandarin oranges, pineapple, peaches and cantaloupe are my top choices)


Veggie dip. Just throw some cottage cheese in a blender along with your favorite herbs and you have a perfect alternative to your typical high fat veggie dip.


Sauces. Cottage cheese can be used to thicken up any sauce without losing any flavor.  Forget your rue of butter and flour adding unnecessary fats!

With cherry tomatoes and sprinkled with salt and pepper.


Substitute for Ricotta.  Use cottage cheese as a healthier alternative for ricotta in recipes.  With the similar texture, your taste buds will never notice the difference…you will however see the difference in your waistline!

 Substitute for sour cream. Top your baked potato with cottage cheese rather than fatty sour cream.

Drizzled with honey, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts. Makes a perfect low calorie dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth!


I have heard many other ways people enjoy their cottage cheese, with peanut butter, tuna, sunflower seeds, artichokes, and the list goes on!  Seems as though I have a lot more experiencing to do! 

What is your favorite way to dress up cottage cheese?


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