Workout for Swimmers

Workout plans are not only important in the gym but in the water as well.  Instead of swimming aimlessly, find or make up a workout with times to stick by so you are actually pushing yourself and getting your heart rate up.   If you have access to a pool I highly recommend you switching up your basic gym routine and adding swimming to the mix.  It is great for endurance we well as strength training. 

Below you will find a great 1 hour sprint workout.  If the intervals don’t work for you, adjust as necessary.

Reps Distance Interval Stroke Type Comment Totals
1 400 06:00 choice warm-up  Easy 400 / 06:00
6 50 00:50 freestyle swim   300 / 05:00
6 50 00:55 freestyle swim 10 Yards dolphin kick off the wall 300 / 05:30
8 25 01:00 freestyle swim Odds: Easy
Evens: Fast
200 / 08:00
10 150 03:15 see comments swim 3/6/9: IM
others: free
1500 / 32:30
1 100 02:00 choice warm-down Easy 100 / 02:00



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