Super Sized Sunday: Unhealthiest Super Bowl Foods

We all get our cheat days every now and then but it is still important to know what you are eating.  Check out the worst super bowl foods below and their nutrition facts.  Recognize the serving size since just looking at the facts you may not think something is THAT bad….but think about how you aimlessly dip that chip into the 7 layer dip until its gone.  Serving size is about 2 tablespoons so chances are you are eating many many servings!  Enjoy your day and don’t deprive yourself…just be mindful and know what you are eating!

Buffalo Wings: Just 6 chicken wings can have about 600 calories and 40 grams of fat!  And this does not even include the heeping scoop of blue cheese dressing you are chasing each wing with.

Beer: Yes I just couldn’t resist using this picture again; its just too ridiculous not to.  We all love to enjoy a nice cold beer with football but it never ends there…especially on days like the superbowl.  One beer has about 150 calories and 12 carbs so multiply this by< _?__> and chances are a lot of you have hit your calories intake for the day with beer alone!  Also, the more alcohol you are drinking, the more likely you are to lose control and overeat even more. 

Nachos: A must have of many. Nachos are full of saturated fat and do not offering any other redeeming nutrients.  A plate of loaded nachos can have 1,500 calories, 150 grams of carbs, 80 grams of fat, and 1,500 mgs of sodium.  Check out our healthier Greek Nachos for a nice alternative.

7 Layer Dip: More like the 7 circles of hell.  This is nothing more than fat, layered upon fat, layered upon fat, topped with some olives (I hate olives) and tomatoes.  Sour cream, cream cheese, high-fat ground beef, fatty processed cheese, guacamole (fatty, although good fat), and whatever else people toss into this Frankenstein of a dip.  One plate of this has more than 4,000 calories…if you are splitting this thing 4-5 ways, you’re getting close to half a days calories right here.  For a healthier, and tastier option, try making an Old Bay seasoned crab dip.  Use a little light mayo and save a ton of calories.

Brats: I must admit, I love a good brat.  Not the Johnsonville nonsense that most people pick up at the grocery store, but a genuine butcher shop brat.  These things are exploding with artery clogging fat though.  While I’m not going to tell you to completely skip these wonderful creations, try to limit yourself to just one.  (I’ve been known to eat 4-5 links in a sitting before).

Ribs: Another fan favorite.  Good ribs are traditionally the high-fat pork variety.  Often they will be slow cooked for hours and hours bringing out all the smokey goodness.  That said, they are incredibly high in calories.  Just one rib contains a couple hundred calories.  Not to mention, if you top your ribs with sugary, carb-laden BBQ sauce, you are adding even more calories to this monstrocity. 

Fried Chicken: It’s hard to do fried chicken bad (unless you’re KFC).  The crispy, crunchy exterior encasing the juicy and tender meat inside is hard to pass up.  However, when anything is deep-fried, you know its going to be bad for you.  Grams upon grams of saturated and trans fats make this a snack to avoid, or at least limit your consumption of.  Trans fats are notorious for being one of the worst things you can put in your body.  To make a healthy substitute, try breading your chicken in panko crumbs, then baking in the oven.  You will hardly be able to tell the difference.

Spinach Artichoke Dip: Don’t let the spinach and artichoke fool you.  This dip is made up with mayo, cream cheese, sour cream, and other cheeses of choice.  Quarter cup of this dip with a few chips is about 350 cals, 20 grams of fat, and 700 mgs of sodium.  Always remember, just because a dish contains vegetables does NOT make it healthy! This dip is just as bad as the other items on this list.

Pigs in a Blanket – Here and there, these things aren’t too bad.  The problem is, no one ever eats just one or two.  By piling your plate with 6, 7, or 8+ of these little devils, you are really going to overload on the fat and calories.  Maybe you top yours with some sugar filled ketchup (yup, ketchup has high sugar content).  Now your increasing your carb intake along with the fat.  Try to limit yourself to no more than 3, and use mustard instead of ketchup.


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