The Inside Story on School Lunches

I came across a very interesting blog of an anonymous teacher (Mrs. Q) from an anonymous urban school today.  This incredible teacher committed to eating school lunches every day of the work week for an entire year.  Not only did she eat the lunch herself but she also talked to the children and got their take on particular lunches as well.  One kid told her he ate 6 of the cookies offered one day, at 300 calories a pop, he had over a days worth of calories within about 10 minutes. 

I think Mrs. Q did a great job with this experiment and was not trying to target anyone that works in the cafeteria.  She knows they care about the students and that they are just doing their jobs.  She wasn’t all about bashing either.  She gave props when props were due. 

This experiment overall really shows the changes we need to make nationwide to school lunches.  After browsing the ‘food’ she endured daily I give Mrs. Q so much credit.  I am not confident that I could have lasted even one week and she stuck to it for one year, even after forcing down food I wouldn’t even feed to my dog.  See some ‘highlights’ below.


Bagel Dog…don’t ask me what this is.

Cheeseburger and other yellow things

Cheese on a croissant

Chili and a frozen fruit cup


Meat sauce with pasta

Meatloaf with mystery greens

Nuggets….and we all know where these came from.


Pop-corn chicken, tator tots, and bread. Props for the banana.


I’d like to thank Mrs. Q for the experiment and can’t wait to hear what will come of it.  I am definitely looking forward to her upcoming book.  Check out Mrs Q’s blog, Fed Up with Lunch, for the full recap.

Do YOU think you could eat school lunches for one year?






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