Vitaminwater’s Nutrition Claims Misleading

Some more hype about bogus nutritional claims.  It is so irritating to me to see people picking up these drinks that they think are healthy simply because of bogus marketing.  These big companies know what marketing campaigns will be successful to sell a product such as “Vitaminwater” but it is misleading and unfair to the consumers.  I can’t stress enough to read food labels!  Don’t listen to commercials or claims about how healthy a product is.  Read and learn for yourself and you can’t go wrong.  See blurb from Huffington Post below and check out my old post Unhealthy Health Products for more of my thoughts on Vitaminwater.

“Britain’s ad regulator says Vitaminwater has too much sugar to be accurately described as nutritious and has ordered owner Coca-Cola to stop running advertisements carrying the claim.

The Advertising Standards Authority says Coca-Cola broke ad rules when it described its popular line of flavored water products as “delicious and nutritious,” explaining that consumers wouldn’t expect a drink marketed as nutritious to have between four and five teaspoons of added sugar.

The Coca-Cola Co. won’t face any further action as long as it doesn’t run the ad again. Coca-Cola said Wednesday that it was disappointed by the ruling.

The U.S. soft drinks maker bought Glaceau, Vitaminwater’s maker, for $4.1 billion in 2007.”


2 thoughts on “Vitaminwater’s Nutrition Claims Misleading”

  1. So the other day my mom and I were pondering about this. I’m going to pass this post along, emailing it now. Thank you for the excellent post and the happy coincidence.

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