Motivational Movies to Get Your Butt in Gear

Need some motivation to hit the gym? Sit on the couch for 1-2 more hours with some almonds, fresh fruit, or other healthy snack to much on (NO buttery pop-corn!) and get inspiration from these movies!

Million Dollar Baby

In this Oscar winning movie, Hilary Swank not only learned to move and box like a real fighter, but drastically changed her physique by heavy weight lifting.


Watching these rock hard bodies fight for 3 hours is sure gonna make you want to hit the weights hard.


Cliche, yes, but it will get you fired up either way. Any of the Rocky movies should do the trick.  I recommend putting the theme song on your ipod for an extra boost when you finally do make it to the gym!

GI Jane

Demi Moore been recruited as the first female SEAL trainee through a series of backroom political maneuvers, and must prove her military staying power against formidable odds–not the least of which is the abuse of a tyrannical master chief who puts her through hell to improve her chances of success.

Dirty Dancing

Wanted to include one for you ladies, even though I hope you get motivated to pump some iron as well!  But if dancing is your thing…this should do the trick.  Zumba anyone?

Supersize Me

Hopefully this one will kill 2 birds with one stone.  No more fast food!!!  And get your butt in gear!

Fight Club

Aggressive male machoism at its best. Rather than being monstrous, Brad’s ripped physique was lean and cut.  This is a tough physique to achieve… hard to be done without good genetics, personal trainers, and a 24/7 chef.

What other movies motivate you to hit the gym???

8 thoughts on “Motivational Movies to Get Your Butt in Gear”

  1. great list, I do remember the first time I saw GI Jane and thinking good god Demi is ripped! I want to do as many pull ups as she can! 🙂

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