Dannon Yogurt Drops Misleading Nutrition Claims From Packaging, Must Get FDA Approval

Dannon Co is forced to remove nutrition claims from their packaging.  Dannon claimed that the beneficial bacteria in its Activia yogurt helps relieve irregularity and that its DanActive drink boosts immunity however the FTC has ruled that there is not enough evidence to back these claims.

A settlement has been reached which will force Dannon to have their claims approved by the FDA before sending them out to the public in any form.  They have also agreed to pay $21 million over the bogus health claims they have made.

Consumers have the right to accurate information pertaining to their health.  These health claims made not just by Dannon but by many food producers, are completely exaggerated and misleading.  They are used to drive sales NOT to improve the health of their consumers.

This case represents the largest attorney general consumer protection multi-state settlement ever reached with a food producer.  

One down, many more to go!



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