30 Minutes To Fat Loss

Alright, so, we’re back from our most recent hiatus to bring you a ultra-intense, 30 minute fat-blasting cardio workout.  This workout is perfect for anyone looking for a new routine, and most importantly, on a time crunch.  For those of you who think you can’t get a worthwhile work out in only 30 minutes, you simply aren’t going hard enough.  Most likely you are taking too long of rest breaks and slowly moving from exercise to exercise.

If you do this workout at 100% full intensity, you will be ready to lay down and call uncle by the end of the session.  Try to do this session for time, and every week or so, give it a go and try to beat your personal best.  Workouts that have you competing against yourself have been shown to provide better calorie loss than those where you are simply going through the motions at a random pace.

We will start first by doing 25 pull ups.  Keep your hands wide and lift yourself up until your chin is at least level with the bar.  Do these in sets of however many you would like.  The goal is to get to 25 as fast as you can.  As soon as you finish with these, we’re moving on to…

50 burpees.  Perform these as fast as you possibly can.  Keep your good form and really leap up as high as you can at the top of the movement.

100 body weight squats.  If you feel more comfortable, use a Smith machine with no weights.  This will help keep your form and assist you in keeping proper posture.  Bodyweight squats may not seem like very much, but try doing 100 and tell me how you feel. 

50 Mountain climbers.  Perform these to really get your heart rate up.  Keeping a heart rate in the fat burning zone will really help your body burn fat more efficiently than it would otherwise.  Try wearing a heart rate monitor if you want to get really precise. 

50 Clean and Press with Barbell.  Perform this complex upper body movement to hit the shoulders, back, and triceps.  We aren’t necessarily going for huge muscular gains here, which is why we are using a barbell without any weights. 

Plank for a total of 3 minutes.  Get into the plank position and hold for as long as possible.  Really pay attention to the time and hold for a total time of 3 minutes. 

50 box jumps.  Perform 100 box jumps on a bench or box.  Keep a good pace and try not to take too many breaks here.  You’re almost finished with the workout, keep your head down and bear through any fatigue that is almost certainly settling in now.  Focus on the sweat leaving your body and the amount of calories you are burning.

50 Russian Lunges.  Perform these as fast as you can.  If you can’t keep up with the speed in the video, don’t worry.  The video clip is just there to give you an idea of the proper form and technique.  These are the last exercise in the session, so give them your all.

That’s it.  For most people of average fitness levels, this workout can be completed in about 30 minutes.  Try doing this workout once or twice a week in conjunction with whatever else you are doing.  Stick to this schedule for about 8 weeks, then come back to ShareItFitness.com for a new way to blast your fat away.

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