Is White Whole Wheat Bread The Real Deal?

A reader posed the question: 

“Is the white whole wheat bread I see in the supermarket the same as the regular brown whole wheat bread I’ve been told is the best type to eat?”

A:  Don’t worry, these white whole wheat breads you see in the supermarket are in fact whole wheat bread.  According to Jeannie Gazzaniga, PhD, RD, they’re simply made with a different unrefined grain – one that is white instead of the traditional red.  The white has a milder, slightly sweeter taste, but contains the same nutritional content as the darker whole wheat loaves. That said, always check the ingredient label on the back of any wheat product you are buying.  To make sure you are getting the right product, look for the word “whole” before any wheat products listed, i.e. whole wheat grain.


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