Know what You’re Eating

What you are looking at is mechanically separated chicken.  Chickens are slaughtered and turned into this pink goo.  This pink goo is then used to create chicken nuggets and chicken patties that we just can’t get enough of.  But how does this goo go from its state above to chicken nugget form you may be wondering.  The process works like this…

  1. The pink goo is filled with bacteria from the dead and decomposing chicken parts, so naturally it is washed in ammonia.  The ammonia is strong enough to kill enough bacteria that it won’t make us sick when we eat it; the bacteria that is.
  2. This may go without saying, but since the goo isn’t exactly tasty, it needs to be made flavorful.  Artificial flavors are added to make this taste like chicken.
  3. Since people aren’t used to seeing pink chicken meat, the goo must be colored correctly.  Artificial colors are added to the goo to make it look more like chicken meat.
  4. At this point the goo is formed into whatever it is being used for, breaded, fried, frozen, and then shipped off to you for your consumption.

Let’s be real.  We all know the occasional fast food meal isn’t going to make you fat, or develop diabetes, or have a heart attack.  The real danger for the occasional fast food diner is the consumption of ammonia’s, artificial chemicals, and added dyes.  These chemicals have all been shown to be known carcinogens (cancer causing).  Much like cigarettes, fast food has a plethora of chemicals you can’t pronounce that are most certainly not good for a human body.  Think about this pink goo the next time you are thinking about stopping in for that 5 piece nugget meal from McDonald’s.


8 comments so far

  1. Yuck. I’ll pass on the pink goo. Thanks.

  2. Greg on

    Oh. My. Gawd. That’s disgusting.

  3. daniel on

    is there any more proof? you could be showing an ice cream factory – strawberry flavour – for all i know.

  4. ShareItFitness on

    A quick google search of “chicken nuggets pink goo” brings up plenty of sources reporting the same.

  5. Lori on

    This is one of the most revolting things I have ever seen. I am so sad that children (as well as adults) are eating this stuff….and at school. I’m so glad I pack lunch for my child and never eat garbage like this. Interestingly enough, I bet if you forced every person to read this, the majority would still go order those chicken nuggets at a later date. What good is knowledge if it isn’t used? Thanks for the post.

  6. ShareItFitness on

    Something interesting Lori….some researchers showed American and British kids how chicken nuggets are made (pink goo and all). They then offered chicken nuggets to the class when the demonstration was over. The American kids happily ate the chicken nuggets while the British kids wanted nothing to do with them.

  7. Jenn on

    Jamie Oliver did an episode at a kids school where he was trying to get them to stop eating so much nuggets. So he showed them how they are made…had a blender…took all the leftover chicken parts bones included and threw them in the blender until it was a pink paste…then he asked if the kids still wanted nuggets and grossly enough the kids still wanted to eat them

  8. Jen on

    This is absolutely disgusting. ew. ew. ew,

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