DASH – High-Intensity Sprint Interval Workout Challenge

Sprint training is a great technique for stubborn bodies resistant to change.
Sprint training is a great technique for stubborn bodies resistant to change.

Today’s workout challenge is going to mimic the basics behind the training of some of the top sprinters in the world.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that track athletes, sprinters in particular, have some of the leanest and tightest bodies around.  The explosive nature of their sport requires they train in a similar fashion year round.  Under constant high-intensity explosive training, their bodies respond by building extremely strong, shapely muscle across their frame.  This type of training helps them achieve great cardiovascular conditioning, as well as achieve low levels of body fat due to their heightened metabolism.

With that in mind, even if you’re used to sitting on your butt doing accounting work all day, there is still great incentive to train like a top-tier athlete – in this case, a sprinter.

The most important thing with the Dash workout is strictly keeping rest times.
The most important thing with the Dash workout is strictly keeping rest times.

The most important part of this workout is the rest time.  They’ve been precisely calculated to ensure your heart rate stays elevated – meaning you’re actively burning calories and improving your endurance.  Do your best to stick to the recovery times as listed.  If you find you’re running out of gas, cut back the number of repetitions, but try as hard as you can to only rest as indicated.

This training differs from what you might be used to in that, it’s not ALL short distance sprints, as found in a standard HIIT workout routine, nor is it ALL steady state long distance runs. as is common for a vast majority of the exercising population.  By switching between 100m sprints, and longer distance runs, your cardiovascular system is forced to work overtime; helping you make progress in a way that may have previously eluded you.  Also, since we’re taking rest breaks after each sprint repetition, you should be pushing yourself as hard as you physically can.  Don’t look at this workout as you do a standard treadmill or outdoor run.  This isn’t the time to pace yourself.  The rest breaks serve as your “pace” – they’re there to allow you to recuperate before the next run.  ALL of these sprints should be just that; SPRINTS!

If you’re on another one of our fitness plans but want to incorporate this routine, feel free to substitute the DASH workout challenge for any cardio day.  It serves as a good kick in the pants whenever your training has gotten a bit too predictable.  Personally, I’ll use this type of workout a few times a month to really make sure my inner fat burning engine stays at high alert.

The Dash Workout Challenge

1600m = 1 mile

  • 10x100m with 30 second recoveries
  • 6x400m with 60 second recoveries.
  • 10x100m with 30 second recoveries.
  • 2x800m with 90 second recoveries

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