Companies Offering Incentives to get Healthy

Many companies today are offering incentives for their employees to get on track with their health and, personally, and I think this is fantastic.  My 9-5 job has a gym where all employees can work out for free.  They even offer fitness classes for all employees.  It makes it so easy for me and other health conscious individuals  to head to the gym on my lunch break or right after work.  I know many other companies have connections with local gyms and provide discounts to their employees. 

Intengris, the state’s largest Oklahoma-owned health system, has discovered that over 1/2 of their employees are challenged with their weight and their food options so they have implemented a plan to get employees on track with their health.  Basically, by completing certain screenings each year, an employee can save up to $520 off their insurance premiums; and up to $1,040 if their spouse participates as well.

Other companies are even offering cash to get healthy.  Another Oklahoma company, Kimray, started offering up to $1,500 per year to employees through their Live Well program. A Kimray employee, Robert Hood, has lost 30 pounds the past year and he got the motivation through his company’s incentive.  According to Hood,  “I needed to lose weight and I’d been talking about it and trying to convince myself to do it but I never had the willpower.”

What do you think of employee’s offering incentives like these?


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