Guinness World Records: Crazy Fitness Feats

Roman Rings Hanging Duration

WHO: Tyler Yamauchi (USA)
WHAT: 32.84 sec
WHERE: Illinois, USA
WHEN: December 7, 2008

The longest duration a person has hung from Roman rings is 32.84 sec achieved by Tyler Yamauchi (USA) at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois, USA, on 7 December 2008.

Heaviest Aircraft Pulled

WHO: Kevin Fast
WHAT: 188.83 tonnes (416,299 lb)
WHERE: Cobourg, Canada
WHEN: September 17, 2009

Kevin Fast (Canada) pulled a CC-177 Globemaster III, weighing 188.83 tonnes (416,299 lb), a distance of 8.8 m (28 ft 10.46 in) at Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario, Canada, on 17 September 2009.


Heaviest Weight Lifted with Ear

WHO: Zafar Gill
WHAT: 73 kg (160 lb 15 oz)
WHERE: Lahore, Pakistan
WHEN: January 3, 2009

The heaviest weight lifted using only the ear is 73 kg (160 lb 15 oz) by Zafar Gill (Pakistan), who lifted gym weights hanging from a clamp attached to his right ear in Lahore, Pakistan, on 3 January 2009.  This is the third time Zafar has broken this record.


Most Push-Ups (Using Back of Hands) in One Hour

WHO: Paddy Doyle
WHAT: 1,940
WHERE: Birmingham, UK
WHEN: Nov 8, 2007

The most push-ups using the backs of the hands in one hour is 1,940 and was set by Paddy Doyle (UK) at Stamina’s Boxing Self Defence Gym in Erin Go Bragh Sports Centre, Birmingham, UK, on November 8, 2007.



Fastest Lunge Mile

WHO: Geoffrey Gray
WHAT: 27 min 3 sec
WHERE:  Santa Barbara,  California,  United States
WHEN: Aug 16, 2008

The record for the fastest lunge mile is 27 min 4 sec and was set by Geoffrey Gray (USA) at the Santa Barbara City College track in Santa Barbara, California, USA, on 16 August 2008.


Greatest Distance covered on a Static Cycle

WHO: Holden Comeau (USA)
WHAT: 65.48 km (40.69 miles)
WHERE: New York, NY, USA
WHEN:  January 18, 2008

The record for the greatest distance on a static cycle in one hour was is 65.48 km (40.69 miles) and was achieved by Holden Comeau (USA) from the New York Sports Clubs/Cadence Cycling Team, during Saints & Spinners – The 24-Hour Spin Party and Benefit at Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY, USA, on 18 January 2008.


Pogo Stick Jumping – Distance

WHO: Ashrita Furman
WHAT: 37.18 km (23.11 miles)
WHERE: New York, USA
WHEN: June 22, 1997

Ashrita Furman of Jamaica, New York, USA set a distance record of 37.18 km (23.11 miles) in 12 hours 27 min on June 22, 1997 at Queensborough Community College Track, New York, USA. Ashrita holds the most Guinness World Records of any indiviual – sacking racing, brick carrying and underwater rope jumping are some of his other records.

Youngest Person to Complete a Marathon on All Seven Continents

WHO: Timothy Harris
WHAT: 23 years 339 days
WHERE: Seven Continents
WHEN: January 28, 2007

The youngest man to complete a marathon on all seven continents is Timothy Harris (United Kingdom) (b.26 February 1983) who was 23 years 339 days when he completed the Marrakech Marathon, Marrakech, Morocco, on 28 January 2007.

Tim ran the following marathons in each continent:

1. South America: K42 Patagonia Mountain Marathon, Neuquen, Argentina

2. Oceania: Fielding Marathon, New Zealand

3. Europe: Palermo Marathon, Palermo, Italy

4. North America: Seattle Marathon, Seattle, USA

5. Asia: Singapore Marathon, Singapore

6. Antarctica: Antarctic Ice Marathon, Antarctica

7. Africa: Marrakech Marathon, Marrakech, Morocco

Most Ironman Races Completed In One Year

WHO: Jacques Fox
WHAT: 14
WHERE: From Malaysia to Hawaii
WHEN:  November 27, 2005

The most Ironman races completed in a year is 14 by Jacques Fox (Luxembourg), starting in Malaysia in February 2004 and ending in Hawaii, USA in November 2004.

Bench Press, Most Weights In One Hour

WHO: Eamonn Keane
WHAT: 305,300 lb (138,480 kg)
WHERE: Marina del Ray, California, USA
WHEN:  July 22, 2003

The most accumulative weight bench pressed in one hour is 305,300 lb (138,480 kg). The record was set by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at World Gym, Marina del Ray, California, USA on July 22, 2003. He did 1,280 reps with 200 lbs and 493 reps with 100 lbs.

Most Concrete Blocks Broken in a Minute

WHO: Ali Bahçetepe
WHAT: 888
WHERE: Madrid, Spain
WHEN: January 9, 2009

The most concrete blocks broken in one minute is 888 and was achieved by Ali Bahçetepe (Turkey) on the set of ‘Guinness World Records’, in Madrid, Spain, on 9 January 2009.  In total 1,020 blocks were lined up in stacks of 10 on both sides of Ali. The attempt took place outdoors in near freezing weather.

Longest Punch-Bag Marathon

WHO: Ron Sarchian
WHAT: 36 hr 3 min
WHERE: Encino, California, USA
WHEN: June 15 – 17, 2004

The record for punch-bag marathon is 36 hr 3 min and was set by Ron Sarchian (USA) at Premier Fitness, Encino, California, USA, from June 15 – 17, 2004.


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