Healthy Snacks That Are Anything But…

#1: Yogurt.  You think cows really make green, bright pink, or day glo purple yogurt?  These kid-friendly yogurts are loaded with high fructose corn syrup; one of the worst offenders on grocery isle shelves.  Look for greek yogurt with a little added honey or berries for a healthier choice.

#2: Granola Bars.  Basic granola typically includes nuts, oats, seeds, and sometimes dried fruit, most packaged types contain chocolate, lots of sugar, heaps of fat, and other types of candy.  Better off making your own granola mix.

#3: Meat and Cracker Combos.  Lunchables used to rule the lunchroom when I was a kid.  These highly processed packages are nothing more than fat, salt, and preservatives.  Skip these entirely and make yourself or your kid a turkey sandwich one whole wheat with some lettuce and/or cheese.

#4: Veggie Chips.  Sounds healthy to a most people.  However, the deep frying and processing eliminates all the benefits of vegetables.  Vitamins and antioxidants are broken down when subjected to excessive heat.  Never use these to replace actual vegetables in a diet.

#5: Fruit Snack.  Don’t be silly, just because it has fruit in the title does not mean there is actual fruit in these.  It is essentially.  These little snacks receive their flavor from high fructose corn syrup, a little added fruit juice, and artificial flavors made with chemicals you can’t pronounce.  Stay away from these and opt for real fruit.

#6: Juice Drinks.  These types of drinks are loaded with calories and sugar.  Look for juices that are 100% fruit juice, but be sure to limit servings to no more than 6 ounces per day.  Don’t let yourself be fooled by the vitamin C claims.  You can get double the vitamin C without the added calories or sugar from a large piece of fruit or vegetable.


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