Intense 20 Minute Cardio+Ab Workout For Busy Days and Little Time

This ab + cardio routine is going to get you ready for summer in a hurry!
This ab + cardio routine is going to get you ready for summer in a hurry!

Lack of time is always high on the list of excuses for those people missing out on workouts.  It can be a valid concern if you think you’ve got to spend 60 or more minutes in the gym to make any sort of difference – but what if you didn’t have to?   Studies have shown that even a 20 minute high-intensity sessions can have the same benefits as a less intense, but longer gym session.

Typically, when the average Joe works out in the gym, they mosey from one exercise to the next, don’t keep a good pace, and as a result, their heart rate never reaches the target levels.  By taking part in a short, hard 20 minute workout, your heart rate will shoot up, you’ll burn more calories, improve your cardiovascular function, and leave happy and healthier.  This intense form of workout will no doubt spike your EPOC, which will have you burning through calories well after you’re short and sweet gym sesh has ended.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize exactly how hard they need to push themselves to achieve this benefits of hyper-training.  How much is too much?  What’s not enough?  All genuine concerns – well, at least for today, those concerns are put on hold.

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for ab/core programs (surprise – it’s almost summer), which is why we went to work and put something together that will not only target your core with compound exercises, but will be intense enough to jack up your heart rate and have you shedding some serious calories – all in 20 minutes.  As a quick reminder – for the love of God, please get it out of your head that you’re going to shave off all that of that winter tummy fat by doing loads of ab exercises.  A healthy combination of cardiovascular work, HIIT training, etc. COMBINED with abdominal exercises is the key to unlocking the midsection you want.  Cardio + strength training – remember that.

As such, this work is an intensive cardio/abdominal focused routine.  This quick blast is perfect for those days you want to get SOME work in, but can’t devote a full hour to the gym.  Heck, you could even knock this one out on your lunch break…provided you have a shower or don’t mind being a sweaty, smelly mess for the remainder of your day.

Complete these exercises in order, doing your best to only rest when indicated.  If you’re really enjoying this format, and magically have a bit more time than you thought you did, feel free to run through this routine once or even twice more, circuit style, for a full 40-60 minutes of work.  If you really don’t have time for that, don’t sweat it, once through is more than enough to get your heart rate where it needs to be, while adequately fatiguing your core muscles.


One thought on “Intense 20 Minute Cardio+Ab Workout For Busy Days and Little Time”

  1. Great article. I’m recovering from knee surgery and I can do these (omit the legs) and feel like I’ve done ‘something’ instead of just taking it easy and not even raising a sweat. Where can I find more 20 minute workouts like this one on yr web site? Thanks again

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