Another Time Saver…

Not having enough time to work out is always one of the biggest excuses used by people avoiding the gym.  It’s a valid concern for some, but studies have shown that even a 20 minute high-intensity sessions can have the same benefits as an hour in the gym will bring. 

Typically, when the average Joe works out in the gym, they mosey from one exercise to the next, don’t keep a good pace, and as a result, their heart rate takes forever to reach the appropriate levels it needs to be.  By taking part in a short, hard 20 minute workout, your heart rate will shoot up to were it should be.  The intense exercises will keep it there for the next 30 minutes, thus providing you with a calorie burning and cardio healthy, workout.

The problem now, lies in the fact that many people either can’t push themselves that hard for 20 minutes, or simply don’t know what to do to create this intense workout.  At Share It Fitness, we have recognized and addressed this problem.  We are going to deliver hundreds of super intense, 20 minute or less workouts for people on the go.  Just follow along with your trainer on the screen and prepare to be exhausted.

Work in 3-4 of these a week and you can forget about even getting a gym membership.  All of these workouts can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  No more time spent driving to the gym.  Take care of your health in just 20 minutes a day using our condensed workouts.

These workouts will all be intense and cardio-centered, but are designed to target a different area of your body.  For example, the workout below is a 20 minute ab blaster that will get the cardio up and your abs sore.

  • 20 V-sit ups, no rest
  • Max burpees for 2 minutes, no rest
  • 20 Eagle sit ups, 30 seconds rest
  • Max tuck jumps 2 minutes, no rest
  • Plank for 1 minute, 30 second rest
  • 15 Supermans, no rest
  • Max jump rope 2 minutes, no rest
  • 50 Bicycles, no rest
  • Plank for 1 minute, 30 seconds rest
  • 50 crunches, no rest
  • Max burpees 2 minutes
  • Ab roller 2 minutes, 30 seconds rest
  • 100 crunches

One thought on “Another Time Saver…”

  1. Great article. I’m recovering from knee surgery and I can do these (omit the legs) and feel like I’ve done ‘something’ instead of just taking it easy and not even raising a sweat. Where can I find more 20 minute workouts like this one on yr web site? Thanks again

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