Short on Time?

Circuit training is a method of training that really packs a punch. It can be accomplished in a short period of time, if this is something you are short on. Circuit training is a non-stop routine where an individual completes basic muscle building exercises, as well as cardiovascular exercises, without rest.

The benefits of this should be obvious. Less rest and a higher intensity gets you out of the gym faster. In addition, your body is typically not used to this type of punishment and will react very favorably by dropping body fat at a fast rate. You are able to give 100% the entire time because of the short duration of the workout.

For those that are more into heavy muscle building workouts, all you have to do is split the circuit training days up and work them into your regular lift days. It’s a simple fix that will jump start your progress and fat burning potential. Something to keep in mind however, this workout is not for the advanced lifter. This workout is great for beginner to novice level exercise junkies. If you are going for that magazine cover body, you might want something a little more complex.

Circuit Training Workout Routine #1
Jumping Jacks (2 min)
Pull Ups (12 reps)
Free Squats (12 reps)
Push Ups (20 reps)
Lunges (12 reps)
Dips (20 reps)
Abs Crunches (30 reps)
Calf Raises (12 reps)
Stretches for cool down

Circuit Training Workout Routine #2
Jump Rope for warm up (2 min)
Lunges (12 reps)
Push Ups (20 reps)
Running (5-10 min)
Pull Ups (12 reps)
Squats (15 reps)
Planks (2 min total)
Calf Raises (12 reps)
Stretches for cool down

Either one of these workouts should take no moer than 30 minutes. These routines will fit perfectly into your busy schedule and get you on the right track towards health and fitness.


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