Making Cost Effective Decisions

When you are in a pinch for time and want to spare your wallet, what’s better than fat food?  With their dollar menus, and other low-priced items, the appeal to your sensibilities is tough to overcome.  Where else can you eat for only a dollar?  Definitely not anything healthy, right?

Wrong.  The fact of the matter is you can create inexpensive and healthy meals for less money than the local fast food option.  What’s more, it will take you less time than it would to jump in your car and drive there and back.  The only thing that separates you from your fast food dependency is a little planning and preparation. 

These meals below are excellent options that are cost-efficient and down right tasty.  You can eat well without stuffing your body full of calories, trans fats, and sodium.  Take a look:

Meal 1: Steel cut oats, mixed with chopped banana and walnuts.  Add a little maple syrup if you wish.  Make these ahead of time and have a breakfast for the entire week.  IN PLACE OF: McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.

Meal 2:  Tuscan Chicken Salad.  Chopped chicken breast, celery, cannellini beans, lemon juice, light mayo, parsley.  Mix all together, and serve on a pita if you’d like.  Cheap, easy to prepare enough for the week, and fast.  IN PLACE OF: Taco Bell Gordita Crunch Value Meal.

Meal 3:  1 scoop protein powder,  banana,  milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, peanut butter.  Blend until thick and creamy. Unbelievably tasty and about a dollar per serving.  IN PLACE OF: Jamba Juice Berry Blast Smoothie.

Meal 4: Panko crusted “fried” chicken with steam broccoli and brown rice.  Healthy, tasty, and extremely easy.  IN PLACE OF: Popeye’s 2 piece 1 side meal.

Meal 5:  Bourbon glazed pork tenderloin.  Marinate overnight, throw on the grill when you get home, dinner ready in 10 minutes.  Tastes like a gourmet dish.  Your family will love you.  IN PLACE OF: Arby’s Giant Roast Beef sandwich with curly fries.


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