Asparagus For a Hangover

Study: Eating asparagus is a good strategy to prevent a hangover, quickly breaking down alcohol in your system and lessening the chances of a miserable morning after.

Eat asparagus. While researchers used asparagus extract in the study, its hangover-fighters are present in the whole veggie, and remain stable even after being cooked at higher temperatures, such as steaming and boiling. So if you’re planning on drinking, include asparagus in your lunch and/or dinner to help prevent a hangover, or eat it the day after if you’re looking for good hangover food.

• Know what to avoid. No matter what, avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Alcohol will reach your brain faster if there’s no food to absorb it. Your brain cells change when alcohol’s present in your noggin, and when the alcohol clears out, you’ll go through withdrawal and be more likely to suffer from a hangover. Stay away from drinks more likely to give you hangovers—like anything bubbly, such as champagne, or liquor drinks mixed with carbonated beverages. And no matter what you drink, to prevent a hangover, drink slowly, and drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks.

• Use liquids to send a hangover packing. If you’re experiencing a hangover, sip a warm sports drink like Gatorade to replenish your electrolytes. Mix half Gatorade and half water to start. Sip orange or tomato juice throughout the day; they help your body burn off any remaining alcohol faster.

• Eat good hangover food. Eggs, toast, and bananas help replenish lost nutrients and set your body into toxin breakdown mode. Crackers with honey will also help flush out lingering alcohol. And it may not be too late for a little asparagus to help.

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