Life is full of them. 

What do I wear today? What do I do after work?  Do I get my haircut today?  Do I workout during work to save time?

We are constantly bombarded with different situations that force us to make a decision.  Some of our choices move us closer to our goals, some move us further away.  Often times, we know the consequences of the choice we are about to make, but make it anyways.  Why do we do this, if it will only hinder our progress?  Laziness, lack of discipline, and rationalization come to mind.  How many times have you said, it’s okay if I skip the gym today because _____________.  We will always find a way to rationalize why not doing something we should be doing is acceptable.  Or, we’ll make 101 reasons for why we can’t do something we should be. 

Dilemma #1

The alarm sounds.  You hit snooze.  The alarm sounds again.  You hit snooze once more.  The alarm goes off a third time and you instantly jump out of bed in a panic that you are going to be late to work.  You no longer have time to make that healthy lunch you were too lazy to make last night.  You figure, “I’ll find something at work to eat”.  You’re up to your ears in work and lunch time hits before you even realize it.  Do you:

  • A.  Hit the closest fast food joint and Supersize it.
  • B.  Skip lunch entirely because there are no healthy options around.
  • C.  Find the healthiest thing on the menu and make it a “one time only” and vow to make dinner extra healthy tonight.

Dilemma #2

Ah, Sunday morning.  This is your time to sleep in and not worry about anything.  No alarm today.  You roll out of bed around 11 and sip coffee until about 1.  You haven’t eaten all day and are starting to get hungry, REALLY hungry.  Do you:

  • A.  Eat a ton of food at dinner to make up for breakfast and lunch.
  • B.  Go about your regular schedule and have a healthy, well-portioned lunch.
  • C.  Think about all the weight you’ve lost by not eating all day.

Dilemma #3

Work was brutal today.  Your boss is a jackass, your co-workers are idiots, and you are the one saving grace in the office.  You were swamped the entire time in the office and didn’t have any time to get to the gym.  You’re on your way home around 6 o’clock and need to make an executive decision.  You think, “Should I go to the gym or head straight home and collapse on the sofa?”  Do you:

  • A.  Skip the gym because you are just too tired to work out.
  • B.  Grab a cup of coffee before you leave the office, hit the gym, then make it home.
  • C.  Get angry that you even have to make this decision.  As if the day wasn’t hard enough!

Life is full of choices.  I think we all know what the best choices in the above three scenarios are.  Despite knowing what the best choices are, how often do we pick the incorrect choices?  We need to eat 5-6 meals a day.  This keeps our metabolism high.  Saving up and having one big meal is no good either.  Our body isn’t like a checking account where calories go in and calories go out.  When we have one giant meal, despite not eating all day, our body produces excess amounts of insulin which will distort our body’s shape by promoting fat retention.  Why do you think diabetics often struggle with weight issues?  We know we need to work out in order to be lean and healthy.  There will always be an excuse not to do something.  If you need a little coffee to wake up enough to work out, so be it.

The time to second guess a bet isn’t once the cards are dealt.  Don’t second guess what you ate, or the workout you skipped AFTER the fact.  Think long and hard about the consequences to your choices before you make them.  Think about how you will feel later in the day if you take the easy way out.  Really think hard before you place that order at the restaurant.  Do you really need those deep-fried french fries?  Isn’t a side salad a little healthier and not going to make us any less happy in the long run?  Think before you act and you will already be well on your way to a healthy and happy life.


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