Bodyweight Exercises to Try at Home

Take a look at the body weight exercises below.  Understand that you don’t need expensive in home equipment or a fancy gym membership to look like a fitness model.  All you need is a little determination and guidance, and you can achieve physical fitness with nothing more than an initial investment of 50 dollars of equipment.  For many of these, you need nothing more than your body.

The dragon flag is a move that is done by laying down on a flat surface.  With your legs together, lift your feet off the surface and extend them in front of you.  Raise your hips so your body looks like the illustration above.  Hold for 2 seconds, and lower.  Repeat for a total of 15 reps.

A tricep pressup is a great way to target your tricep muscles.  Similar to a normal pushup, but with your hands much closer together, you lower yourself then explode up until your arms are straight.  For a real challenge, form a diamond with your hands and perform the move like this.

The Lalanne pushup is great for working the shoulders and upper back.  With you hands together and arms fully extended in front of you, slowly lower yourself until your body is almost touching the ground.  From there, press against the floor with your hands and raise yourself back up, about 9 inches off the ground.  Make sure your legs are fully extended behind you and your feet are together.  Repeat this for a total of 15 reps.

Your legs are a powerful muscle group that require serious training to build up.  The problem is, people often use heavy weights for squats or leg presses that leave them open to injury.  A simple exercise like the one-legged squat above, mixed with some plyometrics like box jumps can be MORE beneficial than moving all that weight on the squat rack.  Try to do the above move 20 times without rest.

The chest rollout is a great way to target your pectoral muscles from a different angle.  This is a move most people haven’t seen or used before, which is great news if you want to shock your muscles into growth.  While holding two dumbbells, roll them outwards on a flat surface.  When your arms become extended, slowly reverse the process and roll them back in; your body will raise the closer your hands get to the center.  Do 12 reps with no rest.


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