Kyle Maynard – Your Reason to Stop Making Excuses

Kyle Maynard is an individual from Suwanee, GA who was born without his arms or legs.  He’s spent his life struggling to perform basic tasks that we all take for granted every day.  He also happens to be the owner of a CrossFit gym.  Appropriately, the name of his gym is “No Excuses CrossFit”.  Kyle has obviously overcome great stuggles in his life, but to see his determination and willpower on film, is truly amazing.

How easy would it be for a guy in Kyle’s shoes to simply blame the world for his problems and sink into a depression?  That is just not the type of person Kyle is.  Not only that, he finds time for fitness.  Kyle is practically the picture of good health.  Everything he does to stay in shape is done without the use of his arms or legs.  He modifies his workout in a way that allows himself to stay active and challenge his body.

Look at Kyle and use this as motivation.  When going to the gym seems too hard, think about Kyle.  This man goes through enormous struggles  just so he is able to workout.  Everyone else is easily able to workout, they just choose not to.  We are all only given one life on this planet.  Why not live that one life as happy and healthy as we possibly can?  Staying fit and active, and eating right, is the formula to making the most of your one life.

We all know exercise isn’t always fun.  But if you can develop the mental toughness to grit your teeth and bear down on days you aren’t feeling up to it, not only will those days become fewer and farther between, but you will keep yourself on the track to success.  We all know how easy it is to fall off the wagon; a couple missed days here or there turns into a week, which turns into a month, which ends up killing all the progress we fought so hard for.

Find motivation all around you and let it light your fire.  Keep Kyle and his struggles in the forefront of your mind the next time you are thinking about skipping out on a workout because you are too tired, lazy, etc.  Every workout puts you one step closer to reaching your goals and keeping your body and mind healthy for years to come.


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