Doing Pilates at Home on an Exercise Ball

As you probably know by now, Share It Fitness will be bringing you live pilates classes directly to your homes.  Our goal is to show you that doing pilates, yoga, bootcamp, whatever doesn’t need to be done in an expensive studio.  You can have access to the same, or better quality trainers directly on the Share It Fitness website.

Pilates, for instance, is often done on an expensive reformer machine.  People pay good money to do their pilates on this machine led by an instructor.  However, pilates is versatile in that you can reap the same benefits by performing pilates with slider pads, your own body weight, or an exercise ball.  All you need is a certified instructor who can lead you through the motions.  It’s time we think outside the box and begin to step away from the broken business model that has health and fitness instructors making the same as doctors and lawyers.  Share It Fitness is here to show you how to achieve fitness through various means but without paying the exorbitant fees.

Below are some pilates exercises that are accomplished with nothing more than an exercise ball and a little space at home.  Enjoy.

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