Try These – 21’s

When you are working any muscle, you would be well advised to hit the muscle from various angles and intensities.  This is the number one way to make the gains you are so desperately seeking.  By incorporating exercises like 21’s into your routine, you will be sure to keep your muscles guessing and your gains increasing.

Throughout the range of motion of any exercise, different parts of your muscle come into play to lift the weight.  While a bicep curl may work “the bicep”, focusing on the different angles within a bicep curl will work the ENTIRE bicep more fully.  This is the key to developing lean, toned, muscles.

The first part of a bicep curl places greater stress on the lower part of the bicep.  The upper part of the lift forces the upper bicep to stress slightly more.  With 21’s we focus on hitting both these parts of the bicep with a greater intensity, thereby allowing the muscle to become more fatigued, which ultimately results in more growth.

The exercise 21’s works great with bicep curls, but can be used for various other exercises as well.  Begin by holding the dumbbell or barbell, with your arms fully straightened and at rest position in front of you.  For the first 7 repetitions, you will curl the weight up by stop when you reach the mid-point of the lift.  Slowly lower the weight to the start position before repeating 6 more times.

Now, lift the weight to the end position, where the weight is at the top of the lift and your arms are bent as if you have just curled the weight up.  Slowly lower the weight until it reaches the mid-point again.  Curl back up to the end position, then repeat 6 more times.

Lastly, perform 7 full range of motion lifts, making sure to follow good form and keep a slow, steady pace.  By working exercises like this into your routine, you will target areas of the muscle that are often under targeted, resulting in poor toning and muscularity.


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