Unhealthy Food Commercials – Don’t Be Fooled!

Let’s be real here.  You cannot expect to look like Paris Hilton if you are eating these 1,500 calorie+ creations.  This is just an obvious attempt to over-use the “sex sells” approach.  We all know Paris looks the way she does by strictly following the cigarette and cocaine diet.

Typically only cheap, unhealthy places will be giving out free meals like this.  Steer clear of their marketing schemes and make your own healthy breakfast for only a couple quarters more.

Is it only me who thought Italian food used large amounts of tomatoes, artichokes, and mushrooms?  I certainly don’t see any of that in this commercial.  All we see are heaping bowls of pasta and gobs of alfredo sauce.  Of course, since this is never-ending, many diners will want to get their money’s worth and have 3, 4, or more bowls of this stuff.  Unfortunately each bowl comes in at 1,220 calories and 47 grams of saturated fat.  A night out at Olive Garden could potentially turn into you devouring more calories than a family of 4 in Africa does in a month!


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