Habits of a Healthy Family

It’s no secret that members of families which tend to choose healthy living options tend to be healthier themselves.  And on the flip-side, families that tend to make unhealthy choices have a tendency to rub off on all members of the family.  If you are like many Americans and desperately want your family to lead a long and healthy life, take a look at the 8 tips below to put yourselves on the track to success.

1. Team Approach
2. Don’t go Hungry
3. Automate Breakfast and Lunch

Without a healthy go-to option for each, you’re far more likely to make bad spur-of-the-moment grabs. Plus, having a staple of one or two healthy usuals makes grocery shopping easier.

4. Exercise 20 mins a day at home
5. Be the food decider in your home

This can be tough for parents, but the big decisions about what to eat must be made by you at the supermarket.

6. Eat dinners together

Studies show that if you want your kids to have an appreciation of how precious their bodies are, you can’t beat just sitting down together,” Dr. Oz says. This simple ritual improves not just kids’ eating habits but their grades and willingness to open up to you, too.

7. Play together every day

Working up a sweat together is an anti-aging move, too: Using your mind to activate your muscles, either to dance or catch a ball, is one of the best ways to keep yourself young

8. Nighttime downtime, read a story, talk about your day

Make sure you have a bedtime routine which helps a good nights sleep.


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