Scarlett Johanssons’ Lower Body Workout

Scarlett Johansson targeted her lower body using this workout to get ready for her appearance in Iron Man 2.  Her trainer had her complete the below series 3 times a week.  The point of this workout is to blast through the circuit.  Do all sets of a particular exercise before moving on to the next.  Be sure to strictly maintain the 15 second rest between sets, and not a moment longer.  You want to keep your lower body muscles stressed the entire time.

20 speed squats – Squat up and down 20 times at a speed faster than normal.  Push through the back of your heels on the way back up.  Be sure to keep the front of your knees behind the front of your toes when you come down. 3 sets, 15 second break between sets.

10 reverse lunges – Simply step back with one leg and perform a lunge.  This is the opposite of stepping forward with one leg and performing a lunge.  Aim for 5 sets with 15 seconds rest between sets.

10 jumping squats – Keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Squat down, jump up. 3 sets, 15 seconds rest between sets.

10 split squat jumps – Step into a reverse lunge but jump up when you fully complete the lunge.  Switch feet while in mid-air so that you are in the reverse lunge position with the other leg.  Repeat for a total of 10 reps.  Complete 3 sets, 15 seconds rest.

Leg extensions – Get down on all fours and doing one leg at a time, extend the leg straight out behind you.  Keep a straight leg and try to elevate your heel out and up.  Do 10 per leg.  Repeat for a total of 3 sets per leg.  Again, 15 seconds rest between every set.


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