Incorporating Meditation into Your Yoga Routine

If and when you finally decide to incorporate meditation as a daily part of your routine and have deemed yourself ready to take the first step, do not commit the mistake of thinking that it would change everything overnight. Learning how to meditate and be able to benefit from it is a long process but you will soon discover that there are many great things in store for you in the future.

It may be difficult initially (everything is the first time around) Even though meditating can be difficult when you first begin the rewards that you receive are well worth the effort. You will soon discover that you have more peace than you previously thought and that there is a better view to life. To get you on the right track to accomplish your pursuit of inner peace and well being, here are a few proven steps on how to learn meditation easily.

1.    Look for the most secluded and quietest spot in your home or your office where you can have the most privacy for 10 to 15 minutes in order to avoid interruption as much possible. Privacy helps you with your concentration especially in the beginning. If you can not find a spot where you can have total silence, play soft relaxing music to drown out disturbing noises. As much as possible, always meditate in the same spot at the same time.

2.    A major part of meditation is learning to control your breathing rhythm. Learn the proper breathing techniques by focusing and controlling your breathing rhythm at the very start.

3.    As soon as you are comfortable in controlling your breathing rhythm, the next step is to learn to relax your entire body. Do not think about anything else while you are doing this, forget the past and don’t worry about the future. Keep your focus and concentration on the here and now and make yourself aware of what is happening at this particular moment. Let go of the tension in your body starting from the toes going up and relax each one after another sequentially.

4.    If you prefer to meditate at home after work, it is best to unwind first before doing so. Keep in mind however that it is not recommended to meditate after a meal and that you should always be in a comfortable sitting position instead.

The first few times you try to meditate, you would surely experience loss of concentration but don’t give up. This is part of the learning process. Simply start over and take up where you left off. Over time this will happen less and less often until you are able to stay focused and concentrate almost at will.

Meditating is easier said than done but by following these 4 easy steps, you will soon learn how to do it easily and correctly. Keep persevering and don’t give up easily. The more effort you put into learning how to meditate the more benefits you will be able to reap.

Now sit down a little and try it, you will feel a lot better I promise!

Article Via Yoga-Exercises.Net


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