Motivational Weightloss Story

Every now and then we like to spotlight particular readers who have made significant gains in the battle of weight loss.  Anyone who has attempted to lose serious amounts of weight knows about the roller coaster ride that ensues.  Good weeks, bad weeks, and everything in between are to be expected.  By highlighting particular individuals who are winning the battle, it is my hope that it provides you the motivation and encouragement to never give up the fight.  No matter where a person is in their battle, the fight is never over.  Getting the weight off is the first goal…the second goal (which is actually a lifestyle change, more than a short term goal) is to keep the weight off. 

Without further adieu…

29 years old
480 lb – heaviest
397 lb – current weight

Why did you get started on a journey to healthy living?

Well May 2009 I was laid off from my job as a Construction Project Engineer. I found myself in a very deep hole emotionally. I hated my life and more than anything I hated the way I looked. My weight had taken so much away from me, it affected every aspect of my life and I had hit rock bottom. I knew that if I didn’t make the necessary lifestyle changes that I would never have the life I wanted no matter how hard I worked at my career and personal life. My official start of my new lifestyle began in Sept 2009.

How did you do it?

First thing I knew I had to do was get my diet in order, and when I say diet I mean my food menu. I am in no way on a “DIET”. The changes I have made are lifestyle changes. With that being said I hired a Registered Dietician to teach me how to put together healthy, simple, and appealing menu plans. That was one of the best things I could have done for myself; my RD is amazing. She supports me in every way possible. I visit her about every 2 months, we usually record my weight and body fat% and also discuss my menu plans and make any needed changes.
Second thing I knew I had to do was start working out. I joined a gym and slowly started working out. In the beginning I would walk for about 30 min and find myself exhausted. Today my workouts can range from 1-3 hours, my energy and endurance levels have gone through the roof. I started out only doing cardio but I soon added weight lifting into my routine, which has made a huge difference.
So to answer your question I am doing it by good old fashioned healthy eating and hard work in the gym.

What is your motivation?
My motivation is that I want to live my life without having to worry about how my weight will affect every aspect of it. As an obese person there is nothing I can do without taking my weight into consideration. I want to get married and have a family one day. I want to be successful in my career. I am 29 years old and I feel like I havent started my life. All these things keep me going.

Do you still have work to do to reach your goals? If so, what is your plan ?

I do still have work to do to reach my goals, my goal weight is around 230 pounds. My plan is to keep doing what I have been doing. Eating right and working out hard.

Thanks to Al for sharing his story with us.  If you want to follow Al on his day to day battle, check him out at his blog, Sweating Until Happy.


2 thoughts on “Motivational Weightloss Story”

  1. Are you his trainer? Way to go to Al! Of course the horizontal stripes in his first pic didn’t help the look. Congrats to him for sure!

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