The Bridal Workout

Since wedding season is in full bloom, below is a 8 week workout perfect for any bride trying to slim down and tighten up before the big day.  You may like the results so much that you continue exercising (wait for it)…..even after the wedding. Yes, believe it or not, working out regularly benefits more than just your physical appearance.  Shocking, I know.

Give the following workout plan a try and you will be sure to lose those last pesky pounds before the wedding.  If you want a more detailed plan to suit your specific needs, contact us at

Group 1

  • Run 3 miles no slower than 5 mph pace
  • Run stairs or hills for 25 minutes
  • 100 yard dash – sprint 100 yards, rest 20 seconds, repeat 9 more times.
  • Jump rope 25 minutes – use various jump rope techniques to maximize results.
  • Swim 25 minutes continuously

Group 2

  • Circuit workout – 2 sets per body part for chest, biceps, triceps, back, legs, abs.  No rest between sets, mix in 1 minute of jump rope every 3 sets.
  • Plyometric work – 14 sets of  plyometric work.  More found here.
  • Kettlebell training – Try some of these exercises.  Or these.
  • Group fitness class – Try sculpting yoga, pilates, a bootcamp class, etc.  All of which and more can be taken live or ONdemand via
  • 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 pullups, 100 bodyweight squats in less than 30 minutes.


Choose three selections from Group 1 and two selections from Group 2 each week.  You may want to mix them up to keep things interesting if you are the type of person that needs a lot of variety.  Stick to this formula for 8 weeks and you will be sure to notice a huge difference in your body.


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