Emergency Workout: Perfect for Brides or Anyone Needing Fast Fat Loss!

This 4 week emergency plan is designed for anyone looking for a quick slim down!
This 8 week emergency plan is designed for anyone looking for a quick slim down!


Since wedding season is just around the corner, we’ve been getting a lot of requests from semi-nervous brides wanting to get on some sort of “extreme” fitness plan to have them looking great for the big day.  Of course, this plan isn’t just for brides.  Anyone looking to slim down in a hurry could stand to benefit from this plan.  For those of you that know me, I always preach the slow and steady approach and am not usually very big on “lose fat fast” type claims.  That said, there are just times you procrastinated a bit too long and need something super intense to get your body into tip-top shape.  For that reason, I put together this 8-week intensive slim down plan.  I would recommend moving on to something else after 8-weeks, and to simply use this as an “emergency” type routine or to help you get past a plateau you’ve been stuck on for a while.

Because this type of fitness plan is so intense, you should have some very nice, visible results in just two short months.  The plan is broken up into two groups.  You’re goal is to pick three workouts from group 1 and three workouts from group 2, each week. Your choice, just make sure you’re varying the workouts and not repeating the same thing each week.

Group 1

  • Run 4 miles using HIIT technique: (30 second sprint/1 minute jog)
  • Run stairs or hills for 45 minutes; 5 burpees each time you make it to the top of stairs/hill
  • 100 yard dash – sprint 100 yards, rest 20 seconds, repeat 20 times total.
  • Jump rope 45 minutes – use various jump rope techniques to maximize results.
  • Swim 30 minutes continuously, alternating speed, i.e. sprint lap/relaxed lap/sprint lap/etc.

Group 2

  • Circuit workout – 2 sets per body part for chest, biceps, triceps, back, legs, abs.  No rest between sets, mix in 1 minute of jump rope every 3 sets.
  • Plyometric HIIT Training: pick a day from this fitness program
  • The Heart Pounder Challenge
  • The MetCon Challenge
  • The 1,000 rep challenge: 100 jumping jacks, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups (from knees if needed), 100 bodyweight squats, 100 mountain climbers.  Repeat once more.  Go for fastest time possible.

BONUS: Try supplementing the above workout with any one of our OnDemand group fitness classes – Try sculpting yoga, pilates, a bootcamp class, etc.  All of which and more can be taken OnDemand via ShareItFitness.com.

These workouts are going to be tough...make a promise to yourself to stick with the program for the full four weeks.
These workouts are going to be tough…make a promise to yourself to stick with the program for the full four weeks.

The 3/3 combination of the above listed workouts has helped a lot of real-world clients make steady and measurable progress.  This emergency workout is very effective in helping you torch body fat fast, while packing on a bit of muscle. The accumulation of muscle, while the lowering of body fat should be your main goal if you’re trying to transform your body.

If you can only handle 5 days a week due to life getting in the way, don’t sweat it.  Just go harder or a bit longer on workout days,  if you can handle it.  Another point I’ve yet to mention, but is VERY important – start paying extreme attention to your diet.  Limit sugars, simple carbs, late night eating.  Increase protein, fiber, and veggie intake.  If you can handle it, even write down your caloric intake each day so you know exactly where you stand.

Remember, this plan isn’t JUST for brides.  Anyone wanting to get fit quick for a big vacation, high school reunion, or whatever, will do very well sticking to this plan.  Keep at it, do your best, and you’ll be sure to notice a serious difference in your physique in just 8 short weeks.  Remember, tomorrow you’ll wish you started today…stop the procrastination and get the body you’ve always wanted.


8 thoughts on “Emergency Workout: Perfect for Brides or Anyone Needing Fast Fat Loss!”

      1. I”ve done the Body Blitz about 1 1/2 yrs ago…I really gained a lot there….I”ve been out for a while due to circumstances……..I need to shed some fat…..like now!!! lol…..Can I start body blitz again and incorporate some of the fitplan circuits in the morning or should they be alternating days……keep in mind….I”ve been out and am really just beginning again

      2. Hey Grace – glad to see you’re still with us after all that time 🙂

        And also…congrats on wanting to start your fitness journey NOW…instead of waiting until New Year’s (check out today’s post…you’ll probably appreciate it).

        Now, as far as your fitness program goes…we’ve actually come a long way since total body blitz. While that’s a great introduction to our style of training, we’ve developed a much more effective method of fitness coaching for our readers. It’s called FitPlan, and I think it might be just what you’re looking for. We’ll build your own customized workout program, complete with dvd-style workout videos to supplement each workout…its kind of like getting a new DVD to follow along with everyday, in addition to the text-version of the workout if at home videos aren’t your thing. If you’re interested in finding out more, let me know and I’ll send you some information. Thanks!


      3. Thanks Matt! I’m definitely interested! I just started the flattest abs ever, I believe that was through MyFit plan? today was really my first day starting, so I haven’t really navigated through it all yet. please send info! I’m ready!

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