8 Exercise Excuses Busted

There are always going to be a million and one reasons not to do something.  It’s not hard to think of an excuse for why you can’t get healthy.  It’s time to stop the nonsense.  Either you want to get healthy or you don’t.  If you don’t, then say so.  Stop using the excuses below in an attempt to make yourself feel better about not working out. 

1.  “I worked all day, I’m too tired!”  Busted:  Working out actually helps you sleep better.  A consistent exercise routine will help you sleep better throughout the night.  How many times have you gone straight to sleep after a long day, only to wake up several times that night?  Just because you feel tired, doesn’t mean you are going to get meaningful sleep.  Regular exercise will help change that.

2.  “Exercise is so boring, once I find something new I’ll start”.  Busted:  You don’t have to run, or swim, or do anything you don’t want to do.  There are thousands of ways to exercise.  Pick one.  Stop talking about wanting to pick one and just do it already.

3.  “I’m too old, my body can’t handle it!”.  Busted:  This one is a classic.  You really expect us to believe you are too out of shape to start exercising?  Aside from not even making sense, this is just a bold-faced lie.  You may have to start slower and go easier at first, but your age has nothing to do with your ability to workout.  You will slowly build yourself up and eventually be doing things you never thought possible.

4.  “I don’t have time!”.  Busted:  Probably the most common excuse in the book.  Not having time should never be a valid reason for not working out.  Maybe you have to get up 20 minutes earlier.  Maybe make your lunch the day before.  There are countless ways to add 20-30 minutes to your day.  Keep in mind, it doesn’t take much longer to run a few miles; that would be a great start.  Also, with Share It Fitness’ FitnessONdemand, you never have to miss a workout again.  Full exercise classes and workouts are available whenever you may want them, killing this excuse forever.

5.  “Gyms are too expensive!”.  We agree, gyms and personal trainers are too expensive.  There’s no reason you should have to pay those rates.  Share It Fitness wants to make professional fitness instruction available to the average person.  For half the price you’d pay for just 1 hour with a personal trainer in real-life, you get your own Share It Fitness personal trainer for 1 full month.  We show you how to workout without having to sign up for a gym.  An investment of just 50 dollars worth of equipment that you can store at home is all you need to get into impeccable shape.  We’ll show you how.

6.  “I have no clue what to do at the gym”.  Busted:  This is valid, but something you can very easily overcome.  You could always pay the meathead trainer 60 bucks an hour to tell you what to do, or you could check out ShareItFitness.com to receive your very own personalized workout plan each week.  Our trainers design a plan and most importantly, EXPLAIN why you are doing what you are doing.  No more guessing games.  All this for less than the value meal at McD’s.

7.  “I’m too embarrassed!”.  Busted:  Honestly, it’s time to get over this.  You are exercising so you don’t prematurely end up in a box in the ground.  You are exercising for your spouse.  You are exercising for your children.  You really can’t overcome a little embarrassment in the gym to benefit those people?  And just to be clear, no, not everyone is looking at you.  Honestly, no one even notices you there.  There’s no reason to be embarrassed.  If for some reason you cannot overcome your paralyzing fear of stepping foot into a gym, Share It Fitness delivers live fitness classes and workouts that can be done in the pricy of your very own home.

8.  “I’m too stressed out to workout!”.  Everyone has stress.  Exercise has been scientifically proven, time and time again, to help eliminate stress.  Your brain secretes hormones which raise dopamine and serotonin levels.  These are the feel-good chemicals that elevate your mood and give you that “happy go-lucky” feeling.  Your stress levels will diminish and suddenly all those things you are stressed about won’t seem quite as daunting.


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