What to consume DURING exercise

Everyone wants to perform at their personal best when they work out.  Why else would you work out if you couldn’t get the most from yourself?  No one likes wasting time in the gym.  That said, it’s time to look at exactly what you should be consuming WHILE you are working out.

We’ve discussed what you should be consuming immediately after a workout.  We know the importance protein has on our bodies immediately following strenuous lifting or sprinting.  It has little immediate benefit on our bodies while we are actually engaged in physical fitness however.  We are looking for fuel sources when are taking part of an exercise session that lasts at least 60 minutes.

A great solution to solving this problem is to slowly sip on an electrolyte/water blend.  This will help keep our body replenished and allow us to perform at maximum intensity.  An electrolyte/water blend may sound confusing, but really, its just watered down Gatorade.  Mix equal parts Gatorade with water and slowly sip this during any workout that is going to last longer than 60 minutes. 

Taking in other high sugar/carb drinks is likely going to lead to cramps and other factors which will diminish our ability to perform at 100%.  Stay away from fruit juice, soda, and other similar drinks.  Aim to take in drinks that contain no more than 10% carbohydrates.  This will provide a slow, steady stream of fuel for your body during exercise and keep you on top of your game.


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